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Description: Braising is a form of moist-heat cooking in which the item to be cooked is partially covered with liquid and then simmered slowly at a low temperature.

This step helps to develop flavors as well as making the meat more appealing visually. Read more about how to braise meat .

Braising is a good choice of cooking method for cuts of meat that are tougher or from older animals. The connective tissues that are more prevalent in cuts like this, and which can make meats tough and chewy when improperly cooked, are slowly dissolved through long, slow application of moist heat. So you end up with a tender piece of meat.

What's more, braising causes the muscle fibers to absorb moisture from the cooking liquid and steam.

That gives you a juicy piece of meat. Finally, as the connective tissues break down, they dissolve and form gelatin, which thickens the cooking liquid and gives it body and shine. Meanwhile, the flavors imparted from the stock and vegetables, as well as any herbs and seasonings, are incorporated into the final product.

Braising is also a good way to cook tough, fibrous vegetables like celery, carrots, parsnips and so on. Vegetables to be braised would typically be sautéed, then covered with liquid and cooked in a covered pot in the oven.

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