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Description: Local Bicycle Shop - a review of Ciklo Planet, Split, Croatia

I emailed Ciklo Planet a few month ago and asked if it would be ok for us to come and pick up some empty bicycle boxes after our cycling tour in Croatia for our flight home.

Yes no problem, was the answer and the same when I send them a reminder a week before we would arrive in Split.

I called them up the day before to remind them and to ask for directions, since I didn’t, nor did the campsite we stayed at. have a detailed map of the area.

They told me to avoid the tunnel out the Marjan area of Split since it would “not be good for my health” ;). Armed with that general information I hit the tourist information in Split and within few seconds and two clicks on the computer we had an explanation on how to get there.

As I walked into the little shop and said “Hello, I’m here to pick up…” “Two bike boxes” they finished the sentence for me.

They lent us a some tools to take off our pedals and even explained on the phone to the hotel we stayed at how to find us since they where coming to pick us up in their mini van.

A small bicycle shop in Split with very friendly staff. By the looks of it they sell only Kona bikes but do service other brands.

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