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Description: Masumi Coty was launched in 1967 as a floral – green – chypre fragrance. It is inspired by the Far East and emotions of bliss, serenity and calmness. To...

I am reviewing the vintage cologne from the 1970s. I believe the notes on Fragrantica are quite wrong - there was no pineapple, melon, or cardamom in this fragrance. Where on earth are they getting these notes from. Masumi smelled nothing like that. LOL. Here are the notes for Masumi from my 1984 H&R Guide:

I finally got myself a massive vintage bottle of this perfume. My review is for the vintage formula in the EDC.

This perfume was a real trip down memory lane and indeed it smelled very good considering its age, but I wouldn't wear this regularly, perhaps only in my house, when I am alone, so I can remember times gone by and wallow in my solitude and memories.

The longevity is dreadfully poor, but that could be due to the age of this fume. 1 hour maximum and it was gone.

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Coty Perfumes: Masumi by by Coty c1967

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Masumi perfumowane atomizer 75ml SUPER CENA! (5501326762 ...

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Masumi Coty, deo spray 75ml - Magiczne Kosmetyki Iwona Miler