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Description: Billboard exclusively premieres Dyson's new EP "Right There."

Mia Dyson. the ARIA award-winning Los Angeles-based Australian singer and guitarist, is enjoying a second honeymoon with her partner in life and in music.

Dyson and her husband Karl, a poet, wrote all the songs on her new EP, Right There. which Billboard exclusively premieres below, but discovering a creative collaboration came well into their relationship.

“We were together many years before we started writing together,” says Dyson. “I started putting some of his poems to music, for my own amusement. They weren’t fully formed songs, just the beginnings. From that I suggested that we try write together. And we did and we found an incredible dynamic.”

Adds Dyson: “Because he’s such a wordsmith, I can write melodies and chords all day, but lyrics take the longest. He speeds that part up a lot. We had such a great time writing those songs. And we continue to write together. We’re recording more material. If anything, for us it feels like it brought us closer together and it’s a way for us to explore our relationship and our communication. It’s only been positive."

Right There is the follow-up to Dyson's acclaimed 2014 set Idyllwild, which earned her the inaugural Double J Australian artist of the year award. Thus far, she has four ARIA nominations and a string of albums to her name, dating back to her 2003 debut Cold Water.

Dyson’s L.A. story began in 2010. Looking for a change of scenery, she moved from Australia to Boston in 2009, then headed west the following year. The U.S. had been calling a long time. "I grew up on American music, films, literature," Dyson recalls. "I fell for it hook, line and sinker when I was little. Once I became a musician, the dream was to tour here. Coming from Australia, it was tricky so I decided to move and make a real go of it here."

The L.A. story had another twist. Pink caught Dyson’s formidable live show in January 2015, and tweeted to her followers that the Aussie was “blowing my mind apart.”

Earlier this year, the pair caught up in a demo studio in Venice, where they worked on a song that Pink had already started. Dyson describes the session as a “meeting of two very different worlds” and a “lovely experience. We had fun.”

Dyson is currently touring the U.S. and plans to return to Australia for a run of dates before launching back into the U.S. summer touring circuit.

Right There is due Feb. 12 via Black Door Records. A video for i ts lead single, “Tearing Up The Lawn,” is accompanied with a new video, which dropped Jan. 24 (see above).

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