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Every weapon and enemy in the game has attributes that are stored in .def files found in the doom/base/def folder. By changing the values associated with these attributes, you can change some of the basic characteristics of the game. So, for example, if you changed the "damage" value in the monster_zombie_fat2 def file from 15 to 100, the fat zombies would become much more powerful when you played the game. Converseley, if you changed the fat zombie damage value from 15 to 1, the fat zombies would hit for practically nothing.

**Note** Modifying game files is only recommended for advanced users. Extensive modification of def files can lead to stability and playability issues. Before altering any files, make a back-up copy of the /def folder so that you can replace the edited files with the originals if you need to. You cannot join any multiplayer games if you're running a game with edited def files, however you can still host multiplayer games. The changes to your def files will then affect everyone playing in your game.

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