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Description: FFIII starts with a young orphaned boy named Luneth from the small village of Ur. An earthquake has just occured on the floating continent where the beginning of FFII takes place, and Luneth is

FFIII starts with a young orphaned boy named Luneth from the small village of Ur. An earthquake has just occured on the floating continent where the beginning of FFII takes place, and Luneth is plunged into a cave torn open by the tremors in the ground. Inside Altar Cave, Luneth stumbles across the

sacred Wind Crystal. The crystal gives Luneth some of its power to fulfill his destiny as a 'light warrior', but this comes at a price, the crystal also warns Luneth that if he does not find the other three warriors and together restore balance to the forces of light and dark, the world would fall into darkness completely.

Thus, Luneth attempts to follow his fate as a light warrior and find the other crystals. Along his journey he discovers the other three warriors; Arc, a cowardly, but trusting and friendly boy who grew up in Ur village with Luneth and quickly became best friends; Refia, a spirited girl who, bored with her old life as a blacksmith's daughter, flees her hometown in search for adventure; and Ingus, an honourable soldier of the King of Sasune who would risk his life for anyone in trouble.

With a party of four warriors, your quest is to travel to distant lands and bring order to the world once more, it will be no easy task and many dangers confront Luneth before all the crystals are found: will you make it in time before the world is lost.

The storyline for FFIII is amazing and one that will make you never want to put the game down. The characters have a mysterious yet intriguing and unique background while sharing the same purpose. Besides the main plot Square have also included some fantastic side quests that could keep anyone playing for hours.

In the first ten hours or so, the story events are quite fast-paced, which tends to lead to rushed story telling and a lack of development. The 'balance of light and dark' formula is too overused here and the story is very straight-forward. The characters do not really have any personal motivation to become light warriors, as if they are just going along for the ride, and have little development. Fortunately it seems to get better from that point on, but it's not particularly thought-provoking like other Final Fantasy's.

The graphics for FFIII are simply stunning, putting the full capabilities of the DS handheld to good use. The full-motion videoss (particularly the opening scene) are beautifully animated and the cutscenes are also nicely presented.

In-game graphics are very well done, the more 'chibi' style works perfectly with the game. However, backgrounds and environments are a little repetitive and more detail and effort could have been put in.

While handheld consoles are limited visually to a lower quality compared to next generation consoles, the graphics are still there to impress and overall the game looks fabulous.

Again, Square have made one fantastic soundtrack to accompany one amazing game. All the pieces of music have been taylored to each situation and environment to really bring the game together; the most memorable theme by far is 'Memory of the Wind' which could easily fill anyone with emotion.

Thankfully Square stayed true to the old-school Final Fantasy structure and recreated the turn-based battle system, this means you have as long as you need to plan your tactics, set your commands and even change your equipment. The random battle encounters are still included in FFIII, though fleeing from a battle can be tricky.

While the battle system is fun and enjoyable, it's not very fast-paced and it's easy to get impatient with it. Another interesting feature is the ability to use both the stylus and the A and B buttons with the directional pad to input commands, though unfortunately only the bottom screen of the DS has been utilised for the battle processes.

All characters begin with the 'job' Freelancer, which is an all-round kind of warrior who can do a bit of everything. As you progress you get more jobs, each one is unique with it's own strengths, weaknesses, skills and choice of equipment. Different combinations of jobs between your characters can greatly affect battles and it's best to have a well balanced team.

Each job also boosts and decreases a character's statistics as they level up, so you should keep that in mind and switch jobs quite frequently.

In conclusion, Square has kept many of the features of a classic RPG which is great for new gamers who want to try an older style of gaming and has some good nostalgia for the retro gamers.

FFIII is an entertaining game and is perfect for playing while on the move. Battling is extremely fun, while also being frustrating at times, and mastering the job classes is a definite challenge! Aside from the main journey, the side quests alone could keep you busy for hours.

It's very easy to get carried away and play for a very long period of time, especially when the nexus is created between you and the characters.

An unusual change in FFIII is the complete lack of save points, the only place you can save is on the world map and by using the 'Quick Save' feature (though that means you can turn your DS off for a while, the next time you play FFIII you'll need to select 'Continue' to carry on with your game as choosing New or Load Game would erase the quick save data) which isn't too much of a bother as you visit the world map a lot, but it's still pretty inconvenient in dungeons.

There's also the nifty Mognet system which allows you to send and receive mail using the Nintendo Wi-Fi with your friends!

FFIII is unusually difficult for a fairly simple game. The use of specific strategies and special jobs for most bosses is practically a requirement and there's an intense amount of levelling up needed to keep up to par with the next dungeon and earn enough money for weapon upgrades and magic.

Though the bosses and general enemies are fairly easy to defeat at the beginning of the game, they do become exeedingly difficult as you progress through the game.

The last half of the game is aimed for more experienced gamers, but if you memorise the best job combinations you should pick up the relevant information needed during the first half of the game, which makes the last half easier. slightly!

Personally, I feel that FFIII is an absolutely amazing RPG, though I am a little disappointed that Square didn't make much use of the dual screens, but apart from that it was designed very well.

The CG cut scenes are phenomenal and the music is surpassing. Realistically, whatever your age, skill level--even whether you're a huge Final Fantasy fanatic or not--this game will at least last you 24-30 hours or more. Definitely one of the best games on the DS so far, a must buy for anybody! A big thanks to Square-Enix for finally releasing FFIII on western shores and creating an excellent RPG that appears to do the old NES version justice.

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