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Description: For nearly 60 years, the attorneys at the law firm of Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP have been representing NY clients in immigration law, real estate law and civil litigation.

For nearly 60 years, our New York law firm has been dedicated to immigration and civil law. Arthur Pollack, a widely respected immigration and general practice attorney, founded the firm in 1955. Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP took its current form in the 1980s, with Arthur’s son, Conrad E. Pollack, along with Fred A. DeCicco and Brian J. Isaac as the partners. Since then, Conrad A. Pollack has led the immigration department, Fred A. DeCicco serves clients with issues involving real estate law as well as wills and estates, and Brian J. Isaac focuses on civil litigation, appeals and personal injury.

The lawyers at our firm have a policy of personal interaction with our clients. At Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP, you will deal directly with one of the firm’s partners. When you work with us, you benefit from our:

  • Experience. Our firm has nearly 25 years of experience handling immigration cases and civil litigation.
  • Honesty. We are direct and open, and we never make promises we can’t keep.
  • Communication. Our lawyers are accessible to you at all times to give you the answers you need. Our goal is to keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Language. Members of our immigration law team speak a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, Korean and Serbo-Croatian. No matter which language, we communicate with you on a personal level.

The attorneys at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP are experienced in the following practice areas:

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