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Description: The Email Settings API enables administrators to manage most of the user-level Google Mail settings.

Google Apps allows website administrators to offer their users co-branded versions of a variety of personalized Google applications, such as Google mail.

This document describes the Email Settings API which enables Google partners to programmatically manipulate most user-level Google Mail settings.

  • The creation of the following entities for a users account:
    • Labels
    • Filters
    • Send-as Aliases
    • Delegate Gmail access
  • Updating the following settings for a user's account:
    • Web clip settings
    • Forwarding settings
    • POP settings
    • IMAP settings
    • Vacation-Responder settings
    • Signature
    • Language settings
    • Many "General" settings such as Maximum Page Size, Shortcuts, Arrow Usage, Snippets, and Unicode activation
  • Retrieving the following settings for a user's account
    • Label settings
    • Send-as alias settings
    • Forwarding settings
    • POP settings
    • IMAP settings
    • Vacation-Responder settings
    • Signature
    • Gmail delegate settings
    • Deleting the following setting for a user's account
    • Delegate Gmail access

To use the Email Settings API, you need to send an HTTP request to a specific URL that represents a particular user's setting. The request will be one of three types—either a POST request that performs a create operation, for creating new labels, filters, or send-as aliases—or a PUT request that performs an update operation, for changing any of the updatable settings listed above—or a GET request that retrieves all the settings for labels, forwarding, and many others as listed above.

The body of the PUT or the POST requests will contain XML that describes either the entity to be created, or the new values that the settings should take. A GET request does not have a body of additional XML elements. Google will verify that all requests contain valid XML, include all required data fields, and meet the authentication requirements given below.

In order to change a user's settings with the Email Settings API, the administrator must make an HTTP request (either a POST. PUT. or a GET ) to a certain URL, and when appropriate, with an XML atom entry in the body of the request. The following sections explain the format of the request URL as well as the concept of an XML atom entry; however, for each setting you want to change, consult the specific section in this document for the exact properties to set.

The first step to changing a user's settings with the Email Settings API is to find the URL for the setting you plan to change, and whether it is accessed with a create request (a POST ), or an update request (a PUT ), or a retrieve data request (a GET ).

The example below shows the format URLs take in the Email Settings API. This particular example adds a new Google Mail filter for a user in your domain.

  • domain: The domain of the email address you are creating a filter for.
  • username: The username of the user where the filter is to be created.
  • settingID: This last part of the URI indicates the setting to be changed.

The following table shows different settings which can be changed, their settingIDs, and whether they support POST (create requests), PUT (update requests), GET (retrieve data requests) or DELETE. For more information about the protocol, see Protocol Basics .

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