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Description: Buy the TOMTOM ONE 3rd Edition Automobile Navigator - 1N01.081 with fast shipping and excellent Customer Service.

We have found the TomTom One to be extremely easy to use. The price is right and it is acurate as far as we have been using it. It doesn't have a lot of advanced features like some of the more expensive ones, but if you're looking for a good GPS unit to get you from point A to B, then this is a perfect one that won't break your bank account. Read More

This is a great device with the latest features from TomTom, including "Map Share" and "Help Me." The device is very accurate and has the latest Tele Atlas maps pre-loaded. The user interface is very easy to navigate and inputting directions is very easy. I would definitely recommend this device to a friend. Read More

I like the interface of the TomTom One, but I was disappointed in the quality of the map data and navigation available with version 2.0. On several occasions TomTom has failed to recognize a short segment of fully navigable street and instead has directed me to make ridiculous detours; for instance, telling me to make a right turn and then a U-turn followed by another right turn, instead of simply instructing me to proceed across an intersection. This type of mistake is rare but does undermine one's trust in the device. So it's good that at least this new version provides editing capabilities. Read More

The ONE 3rd Edition is a great entry level GPS. It doesn't have all the fancy gadgets, but it's perfect for getting you from point A to B. The maps are very accurate and up to date, and the device itself is very easy to navigate. The voice commands are spot on and make it easy to navigate without always looking at the screen. It also has TomTom's new Map Share and Help Me features. I would definitely recommend this device to someone looking for an affordable GPS. Read More

Excellent gps system. Very accurate maps, easy to use, and very durable. There are tons of POI"s. The mapping is so detailed that it was able to locate a drive way that I just installed. Highly recommend this product. Read More

I didn't need a GPS that has fancy traffic redirection, even though this one does have that feature as an option. What I really liked was right out of the box, I could hook it up and get the latest map updates from online. The unit loaded software onto my computer, which then updated itself and got the latest maps and software. Very helpful. I live in an area that is growing rapidly, so having the latest maps will be handy. Easy to operate, too. Tony Read More

TomTom is, in my opinion, the best GPS you can get. The software is amazing, the maps are great and the options are fantastic. I even use it on my daily commute to get around traffic jams, if I hear something is backed up, or if I get caught in traffic, I just hit alternate route, and it gives you a whole group of options on how you want it to calculate the alternate route. Fantastic, you will wonder how you lived without it. Read More

The unit I purchased worked fine for a couple of days, but then started having problems powering up. Sometimes it would hang on the TomTom splash screen. Sometimes there was just a blank screen and you couldn't tell if anything was happening. Using a paperclip on the manual reset button only worked sometimes. I finally had to return this unit to When the unit was operational it was OK, but there several areas in which Garmin is superior. TomTom says: Exit right in 2 miles. Garmin says In 2 miles exit right. TomTom doesn't automatically power down when disconnected from power source. Garmin gives you a 30 sec count down timer. TomTom doesn't automatically switch to night mode screen. Garmin does. If you miss a turn, Garmin says "Recalculating". TomTom says nothing. Garmin also has easier to read graphics than the TomTom. I bought the Garmin GPS for my wife 2 years ago. She loves it and has had zero problems with it. I bought the TomTom, and within a few days it crapped out. What a piece of junk. Read More

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