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Description: The Toyota IMSA GTP Eagle MKIII (1992); The Toyota Eagle made its racing debut in 1991 and would continue until 1993 with mild improvements and changes throughout the years. The cars were powered by a four-cylinder engine that displaced 1.4-liters. With the help of a Garret turbocharger, horsepower was rather impressive, ranking at 700

Grand Touring Prototypes have long been rolling laboratories experimenting with the 'lessons of tomorrow.' 'All American Racers' Toyota Eagle MK-III is the last, and arguably the best of the breed: A car that proved so overwhelmingly dominant that the class for which it was created has now been assigned to history.

The IMSA Grand Touring Prototype (GTP) cars in many ways represented the pinnacle of American sports car racing and were often blazing new technology trails. At the front of this illustrious pack stands the All American Racers' Toyota Eagle MKIII, a car that utterly dominated the GTP class and set records that stand to this day.

Under the direction of AAR team boss Dan Gurney, designers John Ward and Hiro Fujimori created a car that made best use of the rulebook and the small but mighty Toyota 4-cylinder twin-cam. Everywhere you look, the efficiency and intelligence of the basic design is on display: A rigid carbon fiber structure with a tidy pushrod and rocker arm suspension layout; a compact driver canopy to maximize airflow to the large rear wing; and careful packaging of the various components. The design also allowed a wide range of aerodynamic configurations making it easier to adapt to the variety of race tracks around the country.

The diminutive Toyota 2.1-liter turbo engine was greatly underestimated but Toyota Racing Development relentlessly refined the little powerhouse to produce amazing performance on the track. So much so that the MKIII won 21 of 27 races entered - including an IMSA record 14 straight victories. Toyota and driver Juan Fangio II earned manufacturers' and drivers' titles in 1992 and 1993.

The Toyota Eagle MKIII was later voted the car of the decade on On Track Magazine, and many believe that the Eagle MKIII was the best of its breed in the greatest era of American sports car racing history.

Only six MK-III Eagle chassis were ever built and campaigned by Dan Gurney All American Racers. This chassis number 002 is powered by a Toyota turbocharged inline four-cylinder with a displacement of 2100cc producing 750 bhp at 8000 RPM.

Chassis 002 did extensive team testing but ran in only one race, driven by Rocky Moran at Del mar in October of 1991, where it was crashed and never raced professionally again.

In 2003, the current owner purchased the car from Dan Gurney's All American Racers. It is driven at various vintage events.

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