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Description: The Hellsing ARMS Anti-Tank Cannon'Harkonnen', often referred to as simply "The Harkonnen", is...

The Hellsing ARMS Anti-Tank Cannon 'Harkonnen', often referred to as simply "The Harkonnen ", is the preferred firearm of Seras Victoria for much of the Hellsing series. She is the only one who uses it, and is probably one of the few who can because of its weight; Seras' sharp precision and superhuman strength are ideal for using it. The Harkonnen is stated by Walter to have enough fire power to destroy a tank, as well as being superior to the majority of military weapons.

Weighing 120 lb. (approx. 60 kg) unloaded, the 30 mm, single-shot breech loader cannon uses various types of shells, including depleted uranium with silver for piercing armored targets and incendiary napalm rounds for destroying large groups of opponents both on land and in the air. Carrying this weapon, the vampirically-enhanced Seras serves perfectly as long-range fire support. Her immense strength also allows her to use the weapon while moving; sometimes, especially in the manga, she wields it with an extraordinary ease, even firing over her shoulder.

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