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13/09/2015 edit. Added Rashid. He has a unique design and looks really fun. Also moved a few characters around after playing the beta a few weeks ago. Cammy has moved up slightly, Birdie and Ryu have moved up a lot, and Nash was moved down a bit.

Zangief is the same as he’s always been. Kinda glad he’s here, but I’ve never liked his style - would have preferred T-Hawk to be honest.

Laura is very uh… eh? I dunno. I feel there’s something missing from her moveset, and I’m probably the only Street Fighter fan who doesn’t like her design. Still, more quick grapplers = more fun. Also she would probably be a lot higher if Mika wasn’t already in the game and the hypest character ever.

Rashid was awkward to play, but I still liked his style, so he moves down but still stays near the top. Playing Mika and loving the heck out of her indirectly makes me anticipate Zangief and Laura more. Vega and Ken were less interesting than I wanted them to be, so they moved down too. Karin is in the underground territory, simply because everyone played her and she was annoying as hell. Seriously. F*** her.

07/12/2015 edit. Minor reshuffle. I’ve come to appreciate Birdie and Ryu more and more as time has progressed, also slight changes to Karin’s look and my accumulated hatred for Dhalsim have swapped their place on the list.

Well, let’s see what this guy’s all about, he has a flamboyant and effeminate voice, so he’s going to be another pretty bo- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT WHATEVER IT IS IT’S KIND OF AWESOME

31/01/16 edit. Now that the last beta is over (for me), I took the time to reshuffle things around. A bit of back-pedalling on the Karin issue, but not too much, and Nash can go to hell - why is he so damn good now?

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