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Description: Professional system for cleaning and restoring a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). No need to remove the filter. A quick a very economical solution compared to replacing the DPF.

  • Professional system for cleaning and restoring a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).
  • No need to remove the filter.
  • A quick a very economical solution compared to replacing the DPF.
  • Can be carried out by any professional mechanic following the simple instructions.
  • Adds extra value to the service or MOT offering.

In order to regenerate properly the DPF must reach a high temperature, something which only happens during extended driving cycles. Diesel powered vehicles used in urban or stop/start driving environments are unlikely to reach the required operating temperatures to regenerate and clean the DPF. As a result the DPF becomes clogged and eventually the vehicle will go into ‘limp’ mode. At this point the filter must be cleaned before permanent damage occurs. This is where the DPF Cleaning Kit from JLM comes in.

The process involves thoroughly cleaning the filter with the stage 1 cleaning fluid followed by flushing out all the residue with the stage 2 flush fluid.  Everything needed to complete the work is included in the JLM Cleaning Toolkit but the optional DPF Probe can also be used to aid the process depending on the type of DPF being cleaned.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is designed to reduce the level of nitrous oxide being emitted through the exhaust system. To achieve this, a proportion of the exhaust gas is diverted back from the exhaust manifold to the inlet manifold via an EGR valve unit to mix with the inducted charge.

The system works well as far as reducing the oxides of the nitrogen on a new engine but in general on engines older than 2 years (35,000 miles), the effectiveness is compromised by the sludge build up inside the inlet manifold. This further reduces engine performance and airflow, which in turn reduces combustion efficiency and increases other unwanted emissions, principally CO2 and particulate emission.

JLM air intake and EGR cleaner is designed specifically for use with diesel vehicles and will rapidly dissolve gum, resin and carbon deposits, thereby restoring optimum engine performance and efficiency.

JLM PatFluid is a universal aftermarket replacement for diesel particulate filter additives for all on-board fuel-borne catalyst systems.

For any vehicle which incorporates the on board diesel additive system you can now recommend JLM PAT Fluid.

Also known as Eolys  fluid this drip feeds into the fuel tank at every refill and aids the regeneration of the DPF.

Suitable for all makes and models including PSA, Ford, Volvo and any other vehicle with the on board dosing system.

  • Higher performance than existing products
  • Cost effective
  • High reliability
  • Can be used in all on-board dosing systems
  • Ensures long term durability of diesel filter systems
  • Facilitates passive regeneration across a wider temperature range
  • Prevents run-away regeneration which can otherwise damage filter substrate
  • Minimises unscheduled maintenance costs
  • Leading passenger car alternative for the aftermarket

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), sometimes referred to as soot traps, are becoming more common today due to ongoing changes in emissions regulations. With Euro 5 standards now with us, Particulate Filters in diesel car exhausts are now as common as catalytic converters on petrol cars.

This relatively new way to combat vehicle pollution has proven to be very successful in providing major reductions to diesel exhaust emissions but, as with any new technology, sometimes there can be problems.

  • JLM DPF Cleaner burns of the soot at lower temperatures so it will not cause a ‘runaway’ regeneration, or cause a DPF failure due to excessive heat during regeneration.
  • Adding JLM DPF Cleaner to the diesel tank every service interval will ensure the filter regeneration takes place fully with all DPF types, in all driving conditions (dependent on soot load, filter condition & age).
  • Ideal for older and higher mileage vehicles with DPFs. Normal filter regeneration becomes more difficult so using JLM DPF Cleaner ensures longer filter life.

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