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Description: It's said to be the first song about Ebola, written by two up-and-coming Liberian music producers. The message: "Ebola is very wicked. It can kill you quick quick."

Ebola has been responsible for many hundreds of deaths, for fear, for panic, for disbelief and anger.

The producers behind this unlikely music are Samuel "Shadow" Morgan and Edwin "D-12" Tweh, who grew up in the shadow of war. They both spent time as kids in refugee camps in Ghana after fleeing the civil war back home in Liberia.

They made music together in the camp. Eventually they were able to move back to Monrovia, their country's capital, where they regularly meet up with other musicians in each other's home studios to make music together.

Back in May, Shadow, D-12 and their friend Kuzzy were hanging out at Shadow's studio, thinking about what to do next. Someone threw out the idea of a song about Ebola. They'd heard about the disease but not many of their friends were taking it seriously. Most people, they say, thought it was a trick made up by the government as a way to make money.

Shadow and his collaborators have made music about social issues before – deadbeat dads, sanitation. And even though they weren't sure exactly how bad Ebola was at the time, they did think that people should pay more attention to the disease.

So they laid down a beat and a melody and improvised the vocals. They finished the song in a day. That night, Shadow uploaded the song to the Internet and started sharing it with friends and DJs. The very next day he heard the song playing all around the streets of Monrovia and on people's cell phones. Within three days it was all over the country and had inspired an original dance where dancers mimic kissing and hugging from a distance — a way to keep safe from infection in a country where people love to embrace when they meet.

Shadow and D-12 came to the U.S. in June to attend the Liberia Music Awards, held in Atlanta this year to get more press. They had five nominations and four wins.

Both men say that it was not until they arrived in the U.S. and started watching the news that they fully realized the extent of the Ebola outbreak. Back home, they say, there hadn't been much coverage. Both the health ministry and the government were slow to get the word out.

They're now visiting Shadow's brother in Minneapolis and hoping to do some benefit concerts while they're in the U.S. And they're worrying about the situation back home. D-12 recently heard that a friend in Liberia who works as a nurse had contracted the virus and is currently in treatment.

With Ebola raging in their country, they're not sure they want to go home anytime soon. But they hope their music can help raise money and awareness to combat the Ebola epidemic.

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