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Description: No Jet Lag is the leading jet lag remedy. No-Jet-Lag is a safe, homeopathic product that helps air travelers overcome jet lag from time zone changes.

No Jet-Lag helps relieve not only sleeplessness - but many other jet-lag symptoms such as dehydration, disorientation, lack of energy and motivation, swelling of limbs, ear/nose/throat problems, colds and flu as well as countering tiredness and lethargy that can last for days after you arrive.

You may wish to order enough for your travel needs for some time ahead. The tablets are sealed in modern foil packaging and remain effective for several years.

No-Jet-Lag is available in 32-tablet strip packet and is packaged in premises inspected by a regulatory authority to ensure the premises meet the standard grade of hygiene, class one.

One tablet of No-Jet-Lag should be taken at the time of each take-off, another every two hours in flight, and another after each landing (including at intermediate stops). During long flights, the two-hour intervals may be extended if the user is sleeping.

Children under three years do not suffer from jet lag, but they need plenty of fluid frequently to reduce dehydration. Irritability is one of the leading symptoms of jet lag and for children aged between 4-12 years one tablet every four hours is suitable. (Compared with the adult dose of one tablet every two hours.)

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