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Description: SITI NURHALIZA TARUDIN is a figure that needs no introduction to the music industry of the Malay archipelagos. Her career has been paved with bold, creative achievements, and highlighted by series

SITI NURHALIZA TARUDIN is a figure that needs no introduction to the music industry of the Malay archipelagos. Her career has been paved with bold, creative achievements, and highlighted by series of firsts. From humble beginnings in a rural hometown, Kuala Lipis she has started her singing career from the tender age of 6 by singing a traditional number ¡°Sirih Pinang¡± for her colleagues at the end-of-the-year event of her nursery years. At the age of 12, she became a champion in ¡°Nyanyian Bulan Kemerdekaan¡± held in conjunction with Lipis Carnival rendering "Bahtera Merdeka".

Though singing to her is simply following her family's formidable footsteps, her real talent was only unveiled when she became the champion of Pertandingan Bintang Hiburan Minggu Ini (HMI), organized by Radio Television of Malaysia (RTM) in 1995. The then teenage Siti Nurhaliza lunged, unassisted and without encouragement, into show business. She was relatively unknown to the general public, yet had already generated a detectable industry buzz ¨C and the streak of recognition had only just begun. Her eponymous debut album produced by a local recording company - Suria Records Sdn. Bhd. (SRC) in 1995, became the first of the string of Number One albums. She was just 16. Since then, the Malaysian music goers grew up surrounded by the mystique of Siti Nurhaliza. The beautiful gift she possessed - her ethereal voice and talent ¨C has touched the inner feelings of every people. Her agile voice just appeared to pour out of her effortlessly. Her grace and beauty had motivated legions of audiences. You can hear the growth and poise that she governed as she matures from a coltish, fresh-faced ing¨¦nue to a self-assured figure.

Virtually, every aspect of Siti Nurhaliza is a record setting. Years of development and persistence had molded this courageous person to discover that nothing is impossible in matters of the heart and mind. Indeed, this young lady that was born on January 11, 1979, had earned all the accolades from the industry by immeasurable deeds and hard works. Through out the past decade, she astounded the entire local music industry and the public with series of accomplishments. She had explored the soul, depth, and range of being an artist. Hitherto, she has shown the enormity of her range, depth, soul, and power to govern her very own persona in a new, more dramatic way. The growth accelerates, and the intensity went up a notch or two as Siti Nurhaliza made forays into the jittery push and pull of 'world music' rhythms in her upcoming album. No doubt, the new album will summon to the end product ¨C a burnish shiny vocal surfaces of this young diva "Siti Nurhaliza". Today, all of her immeasurable efforts and hard works for the local music industry had assured her a permanent recognition in the coveted "The Malaysia Book of Records" published in 2002. She was admired and envied by friends and foes equally. She is a singer that capable of combining the fiery voice of Celine Dion with the stunning elegance and the beauty of lyric phrasing of the Saloma ¨C a local Malay legend in performing arts.

Despite being at the peak of her career, Siti Nurhaliza placed great emphasis on explorations of pressing social issues. Just recently, being a true renaissance lady, she became more dedicated in contributing her life and her art to the humanities as reflected through her fund raising campaign for the needy people by launching her very own - "Tabung Prihatin Siti Nurhaliza". This recent honors reflecting the range of her involvement in charitable and social causes. In fact, this latest effort in assisting needy people is nothing new to her. She had continuously contributing and giving her best for the betterment of the nation by officially becoming The Goodwill Ambassadress of The Red Crescent Society and The Ambassadress of JUSCO's With All Our Hearts Fund. Apart being too much attached to the industry, Siti Nurhaliza did not to abandon the well being of her family. Beginning from the setting up of her own company Siti Nurhaliza Productions (SNP), today she owned two more subsidiaries - Siti Nurhaliza Collections Sdn. Bhd. and Siti Nurhaliza Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

To date, Siti Nurhaliza is a template, a touchstone, and a hallmark of the regional industry. This fourth daughter of seven siblings has garnered more than a hundred awards from her nine solo pop and traditional albums. Blessed with great voice, she crossed all barriers with lists of electrifying series of hits of ballads, pops, R & Bs, as well as traditional genres. Thus far, she had also produced compilations, a few incredible duets, becoming guest artist, singing numerous theme songs for telemovies, motion pictures, advertisement jingles, along with a number of public services announcements' theme songs. The industry had truly discovered Siti Nurhaliza.

Being an icon Siti Nurhaliza perfectly understood that the first casualty of fame is her very own privacy. Fortunately, she is virtually blessed with reporter friends and fans that consistently ameliorating and reminding her to possess a true star quality. The glitters of glamour may fade as time goes by, but the genuine quality of talent of such huge magnitude surpasses the test of time. Thus, throughout a decade of her career, she had never denied the importance of supports and prayers of her family and fans. They are her great teachers and they live and dance invisibly in the margins of her work.

Despite of her juggernauts rolling at momentous rate, Siti Nurhaliza chose to set her pace accordingly. She understands perfectly well that she is facing an age where everybody seems in the agreement with the notion that moving faster is the best approach in managing affairs. In this regard, Siti Nurhaliza prefers not to relinquish her principles and the industry's by watching closely before taking any action as her primary policy. To her, moving too fast without having time to pause for a thought is simply behaving like moths being drawn to a burning flame. She sets out to solidify her career by growing and fortifying herself as an artist, executive, philanthropist, live performer and businesswoman one step at a time. After a decade of patience and perseverance, Siti Nurhaliza has secured her place in the regional musical pantheon. There's no one who can typecast her and put her into any rigid formula. Indeed, Siti Nurhaliza have fought gallantly for the local music arena - worthy of recognition in the archive of performing arts geniuses!

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