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Description: System specific power grid simulation used to be a luxury, but now it has become a requirement for addressing the challenges of both NERC Compliance and Risk Management . PowerSimulator™ is

System specific power grid simulation used to be a luxury, but now it has become a requirement for addressing the challenges of both NERC Compliance and Risk Management. PowerSimulator™ is the only operator training simulator on the market to offer both high performance and user flexibility necessary to tackle the diverse training and planning obstacles. PowerSimulator is the dynamic evolution of the EPRI OTS and gives all organizations affordable and immediate access to their own power system model for use in world-class power system simulations. The initial cost and ongoing maintenance required for software implementation, continuous operation and model maintenance is greatly reduced.

With the release of the all-new PowerSimulator 6, customers now have even more easy-to-use simulation options that make simulation drills even more realistic, relevant, and dynamic.

PowerSimulator is being used around the world in each of our 3 unique levels of simulator customization. Organizations can use one or all of the PowerSimulator products to meet training and planning needs. While the majority of our customers use PowerSimulator as their primary operator training simulator, others have discovered how useful PowerSImulator can be as a compliment to an existing EMS training simulator. The ways to utilize PowerSimulator continue to expand.

By importing any standard format planning or operating model, we can quickly create a system specific power simulator model of any full real-time system using our revolutionary automated model building software. The customer’s SCADA and AGC functions are emulated within PowerSimulator and the SCADA one-line displays can also be tailored to have the same symbols, conventions and layout as the real displays. System operators can then complete NERC required training on a realistic simulation of their own power system. Custom PS gives any organization, regardless of size, access to system specific power simulation at an affordable cost and with a shorter delivery time than any other viable option. Our clients have found that Custom PowerSimulator provides the same benefits of traditional EMS training simulators, but with unparalleled flexibility and versatility of a web-based application. Read the story of one of our customers. click here

The same user-friendly software which powers Customer PowerSimulators also runs on multiple hypothetical, but typical, power system models to bring you Generic PowerSimulator. Thousands of operators around the world have used Generic PowerSimulator to perform realistic power system operations and deepen their experience of handling theoretical issues on a real power system. Generic PS is now available through our all-new online training courses in the IncSys Academy. making access to fresh and exciting Generic PowerSimulator simulation scenerios easier than ever before. Watch this video to see how the simulator in action in a classroom restoration training. click here

Replica PowerSimulator delivers the highest level of simulated experience. Like other traditional EMS simulators, the organizations EMS/SCADA system is replicated by setting up a duplicate copy of the EMS/SCADA software on dedicated machines. A number of multi-CRT trainee consoles which replicate the existing operator consoles are connected to the CCM server, while the PowerSimulator and EPRI OTS are set up on a separate PSM server. The result is a simulation experience which is as close to real-life operations as possible.

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