Que serio

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(adj.) = authoritative ; conscientious ; gross ; serious ; thoughtful ; earnest ; grave ; business-like ; solemn ; dire ; staid ; serious minded ; straight-faced ; no-nonsense .

Ex: Then the conscientious manager can help solve his problems without engaging in original laborious research or the risky practice of trial and error .

Ex: She notes some gross inadequacies of these schemes in classifying African subjects, especially in the social sciences and humanities .

Ex: DC is certainly not regarded as the perfect classification scheme even in sectors where there is no serious alternative .

Ex: It was generally felt that US libraries are organised on more business-like lines than those in the Netherlands .

Ex: The infants sat solemn as the Supreme Court pronounced judgment = Los niños se sentaron solemnes mientras que el Tribunal Supremo dictaba sentencia .

Ex: Throughout the process of development, debate and enactment of the Digital Millennium Act in the USA, many dire forebodings were envisaged for the library profession .

Ex: As many of the responding librarians pointed out, 'staid. adult-looking pages are not attractive to a teenage audience' = Como muchos de los bibliotecarios encuestados indicaron las "páginas con aspecto serio como si estuviesen dirigidas a adultos no resultan atractivas a un público joven" .

Ex: From his description one gets the impression that the inhabitants of Utopia are serious minded and that they read for instruction or for improving their own mind .

Ex: Satire and comedy can be better vehicles for social commentary than straight-faced. serious drama .

Ex: When you daydream about conquests you'll never have, the no-nonsense guy daydreams about ladies within reach .

* ponerse a hacer Algo en serio = buckle down to ; knuckle down to ; get + the bit between + Posesivo + teeth .

* ponerse a trabajar en serio = get on with + Posesivo + work ; buckle down to ; pull up + Posesivo + socks ; pull + (a/Posesivo) finger out ; knuckle down to ; get + the bit between + Posesivo + teeth .

* tomarse en serio = take + Nombre + seriously ; get + serious ; put + stock in ; take + stock in .

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