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Comments: When trialing this software, I noticed some (good) similarities to Asana, which I have used some in the past. However, Quire's hierarchical structure is very freeing, allowing you to nest any number of tasks to create the structure you need instead of forcing you into the structure they want you to use. I could definitely see this software being helpful to me in the future. I recommend you give it a try.

Comments: I've been using Quire for about two months now. Prior to that, I had tried a number of different project management suites. However, until quire, nothing proved more powerful and useful that a simple text document. Most project management suites have an opinionated idea on how you should organize your tasks, and limit you within those boundaries. Usually the problem I find is that I get to a point where I want to further break down a task and I can't.

Quire does not impose any limits on how you break down and organize tasks. They can be infinitely nested. Furthermore, it comes with a number of powerful features that makes collaboration much simpler. Features include groups, roles, tagging, due dates with a view of upcoming tasks across all projects. Users can be grouped into organizations and assigned to projects with particular roles.

Quire is polished and fast. It is primarily web-based at the moment, but is responsive and works great from both a desktop and a mobile device. It is replete with keyboard shortcuts for those of us who value efficiency.

I have found a few bugs and I have submitted a few feature requests. The developers are extremely attentive. Many of my feature requests (such as Ctrl+A to select all tasks) were implemented in just a few days, and most bugs were solved within 24 hours.

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