Tax liability cover

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Description: TLC35 covers representation costs, additional tax, NIC, interest and penalties arising subject to being caught by an IR35 enquiry and covers all resultant fees.

TLC35 is a comprehensive insurance policy designed with the threat of IR35 in mind. This policy will protect you in the event of HMRC opening an enquiry into your accounts, whether it is a PAYE compliance review, VAT dispute, IR35 enquiry or any other HMRC enquiry, Qdos will be there from day one to defend you.

FREE UNLIMITED IR35 Contract Assessments when you purchase this product (valid for the length of your policy)

In addition to this invaluable support, the policy will also cover any tax/NIC liabilities, interest and penalties should you be found ‘caught’ by the IR35 legislation up to the indemnity on your policy schedule.

IR35 is an ever present exposure for contractors and with now four specialist teams dedicated to enquiries, we can expect to see a significant increase. Professional representation is highly recommended in the event of an IR35 enquiry, without insurance, fees can cost over £130 per hour. For more information on IR35, click here.

Please note that this policy encompasses everything that is included in the Tax Enquiry Insurance and so it is not necessary to purchase both. Click here to compare these products.

When purchasing a product from our shop you will first be asked to register for an account. Once you have completed our online application form and made payment, you will be able to log into your account to view your policy documents or product information.

It is important that before deciding to purchase a Qdos product you consider whether the insurance is appropriate for you.

You should read thoroughly all the product information we have made available to you, in particular the Specimen Policy Wording together with the Summary of Cover (Key Facts) before deciding to purchase your chosen product. These documents contain the full Policy Terms and Conditions.

Please note that you are basing your purchase solely on your own interpretation of the information we have provided.

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