The art of storytelling

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Description: Most entrepreneurs don't realize the art of storytelling can help you succeed in the start-up world.

As a founder, a big part of your job is to move people to act. You have to court investors, great employees, and even customers who are willing to work through the kinks with you. Focusing on specifications or detailed descriptions of what you do will be lost on most of your audiences, while a compelling and inspiring story about what you do, why you do it, and how it will make something better will help attract and motivate people. Double Fine Adventure broke the mold on Kickstarter with a great story about why they wanted to exist.

It may be easier to put together a powerpoint presentation than craft up an exciting narrative, but as any storyteller will tell you, a little extra time and brainpower is definitely worth the payoff. With so many other start-ups competing for customers, funding, and quality employees, a good story will help set your company apart. So if you want your start-up to live happily ever after, make storytelling a tradition at your company.

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