Tilapia picatta

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Update! Still fantastic! Into my *KEEPERS COOKBOOK* it goes! 3-20-08 This is a MUST make recipe! I adore chicken picatta so when I saw [*Tilapia* Picatta I HAD to try it! I love seafood and Tilapia is one of my favorite types of fish! Tilapia is a very easy fish to cook as it is almost impossible to overcook. Perfect for those who have never cooked fish or are afraid of cooking it. After cooking the required time as listed the fish was perfectly cooked. I wanted to get more of a browned effect though. So in order to acheive that I sprayed some butter flavored cooking spray on top of the fish and popped it under the broiler for a few minutes. The fish did not overcook at all and it resulted in crispy edged fish with a nicely browned top. MMMM! I can never find orzo here so I used some Basmati rice instead. Worked perfectly. The fresh grape tomatoes added such a lovely sweetness and the fresh parsley put it over the top! So delicious! The lemon and wine caper sauce was a perfect finishing touch and really added a fantastic flavor. The sauce comes together very quickly which is another plus. I used a white zinfandel for the sauce and didnt have any fresh lemons so I had to use bottled juice. Still came out beautifully. Kim this recipe is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing it! It is definitely one of my TOP recipes from now on and will be repeatedly made here! Going into my Fins and Scales (fish) cookbook as well as my KEEPERS cookbook! Congrats on a winner hun! Made for Beverage Tag!

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