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Description: Many of us who buy new desktops or laptops are surprised by the number of programs that litter our screen. We call that bloatware. Find out if you need it or want it, and how to get rid of it if you don't.

It has probably happened to you. You get your new desktop or laptop in the mail or bring it home from a store, fire it up (after staring at the icon-happy quick set-up poster), and find yourself confronted with a screen full of programs that you didn't install. Welcome to the phenomenon known as bloatware. Here at PCMag, we define bloatware as programs preinstalled on your system above and beyond the OS that "bulk up" and occupy space on the system's hard drive. It's also known as trialware, crapware, shovelware, and adware. This is the stuff that PC makers preinstall, ostensibly for your convenience.

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