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Out of all the TV shows that really made my childhood, this one is one of the greatest shows I have ever watched!

Even though WB is no longer running, I remember almost everything that aired on KidsWB. You had 3 different Batman shows, Jackie Chan Adventures, and probably my most favorite from that station, Xiaolin Showdown! This show had everything. Likeable characters, a good since of humor, great action and music, animation that blended western and Easern styles together nicely, and an overall great story. The story is of four kids training to be xiaolin warriors, while travelling the world and gathering mystical weapons known as Shen Gong Wu before their enemies can get them.

The powers of the Shen Gong Wu are very cool. And all of the episodes, except Sizing Up Omi, are awesome. The whole series rocked. Except for one thing, the show ends on a cliffhanger! Why did it end when Omi and the others charged at all of their enemies? I didn't even mind Rai becoming the leader of the four dragons. It was just that ending cliffhanger that got to me. But to be fair, it was more of an ending than Samurai Jack's, even though both shows still rock hard. It just seemed too weird of a place to end the show.

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