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Description: Find out about cell phone boosters like the zboost yx510 and how it effectively boosts your cell phone signal at home and at the office.

Most cell phone signal boosters like the zBoost YX510 work efficiently in almost all situations, however, there are times and circumstances that it won't. If you're looking to purchase a cell phone repeater, look for more info on how to properly install it and how it works to effectively increase your cell phone signal.

There are many false impressions on how these cell phone repeaters work. For instance, a lot of people think that it can create signal in a "dead" spot, this is not how it functions. By capturing reception from the external antenna, the zBoost YX510 repeats or amplifies this cell signal and discharges it through the base unit and internal antenna. Hence, the external antenna should be installed in an area where one could get the best possible cell phone signal. 3 to 5 bars will suffice.

If you're looking to buy a cell phone booster, you should also make sure that it'll work efficiently with the service provider that you are using. This information is best obtained from the cell phone repeater company, the seller themselves or by simply doing some online research. Only a few cell boosters work with most networks. The zBoost YX510 works with almost every cell phone service provider excluding iDen, ESMR, SMR and Nextel.

You should test the signal in different areas to determine where you can best place your signal or external antenna. The attic, roof or even the outside areas of your house are the best choices. Try this by making a call using your cell phone. As much as possible, the call should be clear and uninterrupted. This is a good step in making sure that the zBoost YX510 will do best possible performance that it can give.

Consider which room or area you need the signal amplified the most. This will determine which area you'll need to install the base unit including the internal antenna. You should also consider that ceilings, walls and floors can reduce the amplifier's performance since it affects signal transmission. It is also critical that the base unit is installed 15 feet away from the external antenna/signal antenna since this can cause a 'feedback loop' wherein they will pick up each other's signal. This problem can also affect a booster's performance and may harm the equipment itself.

These are most of the things that one should consider when mounting their YX510. Installation can be a breeze if you will follow the guideline that came with your zBoost YX510.

Whether you are using a cell phone signal booster or not, misconceptions and installation mistakes are usually the cause of low performing gadgets. With these very useful tips, you will definitely be able to get the best performance out of your zBoost YX510 and enjoy increased quality of your mobile phone signal.

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