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Description: Services and fees: At Azari Property Management, we built our business on the philosophy that management by anticipation is more productive and...

At Azari Property Management, we built our business on the philosophy that management by anticipation is more productive and cost effective than management by reaction. The key element in our management philosophy is the recognition that each property is unique. Our management program is designed to be flexible, in order to tailor our services to the particular needs of each client.

A local agent will be assigned to perform an initial property inspection to make a list of actions that will ensure the living area is in prestige condition and the recreational area is pleasantly enjoyable. Agent in charge of the property will make an accounting of the appliances and other electronic equipments and set-up specialized vendors for future maintenance-related services. Agent in charge of the property will spend half a day to perform one-on-one walk through of the property to inspect and review the property with client to ensure all services are tailored to the executive.

Agent in charge will perform monthly, biweekly, as-needed property inspections to make sure there are no visible signs of leaks or damages, to make sure all appliances are working, to examine all the exterior doors and windows to make sure they are all secured. Client will have peace of mind, knowing that the agent in charge of the property will arrange, supervise, and examine all work performed by house cleaner, gardeners, and other service providers. Agent in charge of the property will provide 24 hours on-call personal service.

At Azari Property Management, we are ready to recommend and manage the remodeling and upgrading of properties which need minor cosmetic upgrades or full remodels to make the property more attractive for tenant retention. We offer this service by providing experienced and low-cost contractors, who can finish the project, while we are marketing the property for a suitable tenant.

At Azari Property Management, we exhaust every avenue to locate a suitable tenant for your property, from marketing, advertising, application screening and lease preparation. Azari Property Management has the knowledge and experience to get your property rented for top dollar in a timely manner. Cost is $150 set-up fee and 5.5% of gross annual rent. For any lease renewals, we charge only a $500 lease preparation fee. If we need to find new tenants for your property after the initial lease, we offer a 25% discount to clientele that retain our monthly services throughout the tenant acquisition process.

Today's rapidly evolving business climate demands speed and flexibility as key ingredients to success. For this reason, Azari Property Management has developed a fast and efficient method for you to purchase an investment property, immediately place tenants, and begin collecting your profits. Our goal is to afford you peace of mind and a maximum return on your investment.

• Working side by side as your local real estate broker/agent to assist you in locating a desirable property in the San Francisco Bay Area

• Providing our best efforts and expertise to negotiate an excellent purchase price and terms from the seller

• Upon close of escrow, our tenant retention team will begin to market and locate tenant(s) for your property, in order to minimize vacancy days and maximize profitability of your investment.

• Once tenants have been located, our property management team will take over to ensure the property is in compliance with local ordinances, address all maintenance issues, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the maximum financial benefit your investment has to offer.

We treat all our clients, be they owner or tenant, as a part of our family. Please peruse Citysearch for confirmation of all our positive reviews. Furthermore, we can get you in contact with any of our past clients to give you a better understanding of why Azari Property Management is the #1 property management company in San Francisco Bay Area.

The fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care owed and extends to relationships where an individual is entrusted with either the personal or financial care of another. At Azari Property Management, we realize the gravity of this duty and proffer our services to ensure that this duty is met unequivocally. For those entrusted with managing real property, our services will allow the appointed individual, who has a fiduciary duty to their client, to meet that heightened standard of care owed by:

- Tailoring our services for the individual to meet the fiduciary duty they have with their client(s)

By retaining our services, we can alleviate the fiduciary's burden of managing real property and allow them to focus their fiduciary duties to the management of their clients' various other financial or personal obligations.

Azari Property Management specializes in personalized financial, administrative and property management for homeowners associations in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to continually improve the services that are offered and enhance everyone's living experience.

One of the most important tasks we focus on when we are hired to manage any property is to quickly prioritize and address preventative maintenance issues in the community. Appropriate preventative maintenance is essential to effective fiscal management, maximizing the useful life of community assets, and maintaining property values. These matters are top priority when we take over any property management.

This is the last part of service; we manage your property the same as we manage ours! We will act as though we are the owner, and we will make sure that with our 24/7 toll free emergency hotline, we are on top of any inquiry by your tenant. We can also take care of your property in your absence, if you need a temporary/short-term property manager. Your net rent income is directly deposited in your bank account on the 3rd business day of the month. Cost is $150.00 set-up fee and monthly property management fee.

* Tenant retention: 5.5% of gross annual rent for the first-time tenant retention, and any time after for the same property, we offer a 25% discount from our standard fee to locate a new tenant. If your current tenants decide to renew the lease, we charge only a $500 fee for lease preparation.

* Comprehensive property management accounting services (We take care of your investment like it was ours).

We can orchestrate every aspect of a relocation, from personal consultations to neighborhood and property tours to lease preparations. We also provide for a new arrival's comfort and convenience through the services offered by our housecleaning and hospitality services. Customized relocation packages start from $500.00. We are approved brokers for huge network of relocation clients, including, but not limited to:

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