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Many types of rental properties are available in the Phoenix metropolitan area. But house rentals are more prominent in suburban communities and subdivisions surrounding downtown Phoenix rather than in the heart of the metro area. Phoenix's several large suburbs each with a population of more than 100,000 offer appealing house rentals in communities that feel like small cities and are near a major metro hub. However, Phoenix's smallest suburbs serve as little gems that remind residents of the local history and of how to enjoy a more peaceful neighborhood lifestyle.

An upscale residential area that was master planned in the mid-1950s, this area of just a few thousand people offers house rentals that reflect the community's tight grasp on its Western heritage. Their motto is, "Home of the Cowboys and Caviar, Where the Old West Meets the New."

Located in the Sonoran Desert, this suburb is home to the Spur Cross Ranch, which is a Maricopa County park and the location of unusual cacti species, stone formations, and hundreds of Hopi Indian tribal artifacts.

Old and new converge again; this town is home to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument-an ancient city built in 1200 AD by the Hohokam people-as well as the Central Arizona College.

This little desert community features roadside sculptures and attractions and is named after an approximately 90-degree bend in the Gila River.

Nestled between Phoenix and Tempe, this town of about 5,000 was founded in 1900 by Yaqui Indians fleeing an oppressive Mexican government and continues to be a center of Yaqui culture.

A planned community built around mining operations, this little community features house rentals for small and large families.

This small family-oriented town is located just 15 mi from Phoenix and features residential neighborhoods, camping areas, equestrian facilities, golf courses, and a natural habitat for endangered species.

Quiet and unassuming, this little community's mining glory days are gone but the nearby ghost town of Copper Creek is a popular local attraction.

Home to the Boyce Thomson Arboretum State Park, the largest and oldest botanical garden in Arizona, this area has also been used as the setting for several films, including the John Wayne classic How the West Was Won .

Perfect for renting a house for a small family, this little city of about 6,000 people focuses its attention on community-building events to enrich the lives of residents.

This Sonoran Desert town is rich in mining history and tall tales of the Wild West but these days it is home to the nation's largest eating disorder treatment facility-also the town's largest employer-and attractions like golf courses and ranches.

The ironically named town was built in 1954 as the country's first master planned community dedicated exclusively to retirees. Today, it offers house rentals to a more diverse demographic.

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