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Description: Figuring out enchanting is always kind of a pain when a new expansion comes out. Common sense gets thrown out the window as classes change and familiar enchants are replaced with new ones. There

Figuring out enchanting is always kind of a pain when a new expansion comes out. Common sense gets thrown out the window as classes change and familiar enchants are replaced with new ones.

There are obviously a lot of enchants, the first thing to do when you’re trying to figure out what to use is to cross off stuff that is useless. Start with anything defensive like armor, block, parry, dodge, or Stamina. None of those things will do you any good if you’re trying to raise your damage.

Next you need to cross off stats that are useful for other classes and less useful for yours. If you’re a Strength class then you’re not going to be using Agility or Intelligence, and likewise for classes whose primary stats are Agility and Int. This is kind of a no-brainer.

The tricky part comes when you’re trying to decide which secondary stats are best for your class. This is more difficult because each spec in the game has certain secondary stats that are better for it, and these are not necessarily intuitive.

The first tip to take to heart is to consider Hit to be a sort of “Wild Card” stat. Nearly every DPS class in the game (especially ones that need to hit the Spell Hit cap which is 17%) will be short on hit in unenchanted gear that hasn’t been reforged. This means that they will be reforging for hit in order to get to the cap. Every time you reforge an item you are forgoing the opportunity to reforge that item to your best secondary stat .

Here’s an example. You’re a Mutilate Rogue and your best secondary stat is Mastery. However, you need to be spell hit capped first! Critical strike is terrible for you, so you reforge your crit to hit until you reach the cap. If you’d enchanted your boots and bracers for hit however you could have reforged for mastery. When you think of it this way as long as you are under hit cap in your base gear then hit is essentially equal to whatever your best reforgeable stat is. This means that you should use hit when you can’t enchant your best stat on a particular item.

Sometimes there will be situations where you’re choosing between two things that are difficult to measure and it will come down to how you play rather than raw numbers. The easiest choices to make are ones like chest enchant. Obviously you’re going to be using Peerless Stats to chest for DPS. There are no alternatives! A trickier problem would be one like deciding whether to use Lavawalker versus say Precision to boots as a caster. Is the movement speed worth the minimal amount of DPS you give up in stats? Maybe, maybe not. That’s something that no simulation can predict and is best left up to playstyle.

When you’re trying to choose between secondary stats this is another area where you need to know your class. There are typically 4-5 viable secondary stats per class. Melee classes have expertise, critical strike, haste, hit, and mastery. Casters have critical strike, haste, hit, and mastery.

Yellow Hit Cap > Spell Hit Cap > Mastery > Haste > Expertise >Critical Strike > White Hit

As you can see, stat interaction can be complicated. Not every class wants to stack their best stat and nothing else whereas others stack one stat to the exclusion of all others. The best general rule of thumb for any DPS class is to always pick your primary stat (Agility/Intellect/Strength) when possible. When forced to choose secondary stats pick either hit or the best secondary stat available. Going this route will get you the best bang for your buck and make for easy reforging.

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