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Description: First to clear up your questions, A Mac Address is only assigned to your NIC (Network Interface Card). Essentially, all hardware devices have have addresses (not Mac Addresses), however here we

First to clear up your questions, A Mac Address is only assigned to your NIC (Network Interface Card). Essentially, all hardware devices have have addresses (not Mac Addresses), however here we are only concerned about network adapters. Since it’s implemented into your Network Interface Card, re-installing the operating system (or using a different OS entirely) will not effect your Mac Address. Similarly, adding more hardware will not add more Mac Addresses to the network (Granted, those are not network interface cards). Therefor, no software has a Mac Address.

You will only allocate more IP Addresses if another devices connects to the router. If you can, I would enable NAT (Network Address Translation) which would give every device on your network the same external IP. The nerdy detail of this isn’t important, however just know that no matter how many devices are on your network you’ll only have one external IP Address.

If your modem is disabled, nobody can leach on your network (However this probably isn’t the best security method :). They also don’t need to have the same ISP as you do to “steal” your connection. In the hopes that we can eliminate network leaching as the issue, please secure your network (using the guide provided).

Finding out what the offending Mac Addresses are isn’t really an issue. If you think your connection is being stolen, simply securing it should fix the issue. One tool that I found is ZamZom Network Scanner which is a graphical interfaced application, which will link a mac address to an IP Address. If you can do this, it will help in determining what that device actually is.

Don’t worry about making any mistakes. Your router can be reset, if by altering something you loose the internet connection, in the back of your router should be a pen-shaped pinhole where you can press (sometimes up to 40 seconds) to reset your configuration to default.

Are you being charged for each IP Address? If so, please enable NAT in your router. Your ISP could be looking at a timeline of addresses that your network has allocated. If you have a dynamic IP Address (one that changes inherently) then it’s completely normal to change IP Addresses (that’s why the thought of being charged for each one is a bit concerning), unless however, he did an active-check to see what was running during the support call, and saw 5 addresses were being used at the moment, which would bring us right back to the question.

So read the security guide and try to get your network tightened down. If you are unable to find your router’s IP Address (I forgot to mention how) go to start -> search: “cmd.exe” without quotes and type “ipconfig” and under the adapter your currently using find “Default Gateway”, that will be your routers login address (simply navigate to that IP Address as if it were a website in your browser). Please also map the mac addresses of the devices you know you’ll need to connect to the network and write them down and compare them to what your DHCP settings say in your router.

If this becomes too much you could install TeamViewer which is a remote-desktop application that will allow me to see your desktop. This won’t really help in gathering other systems mac addresses, but I could help you with the router.

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