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Description: goowy mail is your rich Desktop email program on the web with a fast interface that lets you drag and drop, use context menus and enjoy lots of pleasant eye candy.

Heinz Tschabitscher's enthusiasm for email takes to the limit what many users take for granted: electronic mail. Read more

goowy mail is your rich Desktop email program on the web with a fast interface that lets you drag and drop, use context menus and enjoy lots of pleasant eye candy. In addition to email, goowy offers a calendar, an RSS feed reader and games done in a similar fashion. More and more flexible features would do goowy mail good, though.

  • Messages are grouped nicely and concisely in goowy mail
  • goowy mail includes a simple and easy to use but reasonably effective junk mail filter
  • goowy mail offers but 100 MB of online storage and neither POP nor IMAP access
  • You cannot label or filter mail in goowy mail, and search folders are not available
  • goowy mail is not without occasional lapses yet, does not include secure messaging
  • goowy mail is a rich web-based email service with 2 GB of online storage.
  • Drag and drop support, audio notifications, context menus and more make goowy mail comfortable.
  • goowy mail lets you write emails using HTML formatting.
  • A junk mail filter moves spam to a special folder. goowy mail lets you report spam it missed easily.
  • goowy mail groups mail by date, sender or subject and offers fast, easy to use search.
  • You can download mail from one POP account into goowy mail.
  • goowy mail includes and integrates with a fully featured address book and a simple calendar.
  • Widgets display weather, stocks and more timely info as well as any RSS feed.
  • A desktop version of goowy provides instant email notification and lets you place widgets anywhere.

If ads can be done in Flash that play movies and sounds, jump, cover the screen, and capture your attention to no extent, surely it must be possible to make an email program in Flash, too. Thought a few programmers who call themselves goowy media and created a rich email client solely in Flash, accessible anywhere with just a browser.

goowy mail is many things a traditional web-based email account is not: fast and providing instant feedback; slick with transition effects and transparent windows; equipped with handy keyboard shortcuts and context menus for doing things in a straight forward manner.

Of course, Flash is not the only way to create richer webmail, and Gmail or Yahoo! Mail demonstrate that using HTML in combination with loading data via XML in the background might be even faster. goowy mail is flashier, though, and its visual appeal is complemented by some nice features.

goowy mail includes a decent junk mail filter and integrates a solid address book. You can search messages relatively fast, and they are grouped elegantly in their folders. Mail from one POP account can be downloaded automatically in goowy mail.

Unfortunately, goowy mail lacks a few practical features such as message labels, filters or virtual folders. Mail threading would be nice, too.

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