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Life continues as normal on Earth. except for the fact that strange giant arches have appeared across the globe! While Keroro remains at the Hinata residence and terrorizes Natsumi on a daily basis, the rest of the platoon has gone to investigate the mysterious phenomena. With Tamama enjoying the food in France, Giroro stationed in New York, Kururu based in Australia and Dororo camped out in Africa, it seems that the Keroro shoutai have everything under control. However, when most of the squad are mysteriously transformed into Dragon Warriors, it’s up to Keroro and the Hinatas to find out what’s going on, uncover the mystery of the arches, and discover a way to return the rest of the gang to normal.

    These anime aim to make you laugh through satire, parody, humorous observations, slapstick scenarios, or absurd antics. Bonus points for spitting your drink all over your screen!

" class='tooltip'>Comedy The universe is vast, and it's easy to imagine that there might be non-human life on distant worlds. Whether physically similar to mankind or vastly different, these works feature beings born on other worlds. Anime that take place on Earth might encounter unexpected visitors with unknown intentions; or on the homeworld of another culture, human beings are the Aliens.

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