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Description: The many different styles of paneling and their uses.

Walls can be boring in a home without any decoration or paneling. All homes need walls in order to stay standing, but this can be a conundrum for homeowners when they have to fill the space to avoid the overpowering look of an empty wall. It can be done with artwork and ornaments, but the easiest way to create an all-over stylish look is to use paneling.

There are many different types of panel that can be used in the home. Wood was a popular choice in the 60s and 70s, and is now becoming just a popular because of the revival of those eras in modern culture. Decorative wainscoting with beadboard is also something that is frequently used in the modern home. As the world focuses more on its carbon footprint, bamboo is becoming a top choice for home interiors as it can grow at an astonishing rate without costing too much to harvest and cut to size. Stone and brick are also used to create stunning wall finishes, both with very different looks and outcomes.

Possibly the easiest paneling choice for homeowners is the vinyl plastic board. This requires so little maintenance that it is a firm choice for those with busy schedules or little patience for fussy home maintenance. It is affordable, easy to clean and fully recyclable. It is a popular outdoor choice as it can be hosed down to clean and is almost completely resistant to graffiti. An impressive fact with vinyl is that it is actually stronger and longer lasting than wood, with many vinyl manufacturers offering a lifetime guarantee on the products they sell.

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