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Keywords: programming, web-design, graphic-design, photoshop, wamp, php, jquery, mysql, uusitalo, jussi
Description: Site is a social portal (address, maps, pictures and information), portfolio and a practice platform where I can try different web-techniques.

  • Site is a social portal (address, maps, pictures and information).
  • Portfolio
  • Practice platform where I can try different web-techniques.

If you come across some situation/technique, that does not seem to make sense, this might be because these pages are also a practice platform. If in your honest opinion you see how this site could work better, or if it is broken in your browser, write me a short message and I will make sure to check what is going on. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Site does not support IE6, because it is high time to move on from the past of bad browsers. If you have JavaScript, Flash or both disabled pages will not show all of its contents for you depending on what is disabled.

All feedback is very welcome be it negative or positive, because the better the site is the more I get experience and knowledge from it.

You can find these in the right side of the page. Every page has a different plugin, with a meaning somehow related to that page.

Home (faces): Two pictures of me from the summer 2009, edited with Photoshop. When mouse-cursor is on top of the picture it changes to other picture using CSS-sprite technique.

Who (passing time): Pictures edited and frame made with Photoshop. Picture change animation made with Photoshop. Pause and resume was made using Flash. Pause and resume work by clicking the presentation with your mouse.

Thumbnail-size picture changes to new picture after a set period of time. When you click on some of the pictures, gallery opens showing the picture larger sized and 1-4 thumbnails of other pictures on top of the big picture.

Clicking on the big picture, transparent box open on top of the picture giving you additional description of the picture with the language you are using, another mouse click closes the box. Over the picture you can see the name and number of the picture; number is divided by total amount of pictures.

Thumbnail-size pictures and reflections over the large picture are animated when mouse cursor hovers over them and active picture is highlighted. Navigating through the gallery works by using the arrows next to the small pictures, according to what picture you are browsing. Navigation is animated with JQuery and JavaScript.

Pictures are sent to the page from a folder dynamically with the names of the pictures, numbers and descriptions and all of this is made with PHP.

Contact (route search): When you give street address and town name, presentation showing route to my address is opened and you can see description of every turn under the picture, those also work as links. Languages are also supported at navigation-buttons and route description. Map and route search use Google-maps API.

Gives info about these pages, why these were done and how they work in general. Plugin at this page is called "faces".

Tells where i came from, whats happening my life at the moment and future plans where i think im going or hope to go. Plugin at this page is called "passing time".

My education, work experience and the different techniques i used while making these pages. All of my work experience or all of the techniques used are not listed here though. Plugin at this page is called "gallery".

Contact information who to get in touch with me, feedback form where you can say hi or post some feedback about the pages and a map that shows where i live. Plugin at this page is called "route search".

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Jussi Uusitalo (@stoikko8) | Twitter

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