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Description: Created by artists and collectors for artists and collectors. Get a wide variety of articles about art and culture. Subscribe to Juxtapoz now!

Created to help define and celebrate urban and contemporary art, Juxtapoz magazine has all that you want to know about alternative and underground art. Each issue features articles about and photos of illustrations, erotic art, photography, design, graffiti, and even music. You will enjoy everything you find in this cultural publication. Order your subscription to Juxtapoz mag today!

Juxtapoz magazine provides you with a diverse selection of art forms in every edition. There are features about sculptures, black poster art, illustrations with ball point pens, print series, pop art, the best of Instagram, graffiti scenes from U.S. cities, and various other art forms. There are also interviews and articles about particular artists so that you can learn about their art series and their personal styles. No matter what your particular interests are, you are guaranteed to find something that you enjoy looking at and reading about in this magazine.

The design section of Juxtapoz magazine features artistic designs as well as fashion and décor. You will enjoy looking at images of gorgeous interior designs and furniture as well as reading about how to get the latest fashion trends without buying into the name brands and many other topics. You will also be able to read about conferences that are impacting art and design around the world in each issue.

Learn about art being represented through music and music videos in each issue of Juxtapoz magazine that you receive. You will be able to read about the latest music and the videos that go along with them. There are also interviews with video directors and musicians so that you can get an in-depth perspective of the meaning that is being conveyed through their work. You will learn a lot about album art in this magazine as well.

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