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Description: To most casual Internet browsers, Kiki Kannibal is just some girl who achieved dubious viral online fame in the MySpace-happy days of 2006...

To most casual Internet browsers, Kiki Kannibal is just some girl who achieved dubious viral online fame in the MySpace-happy days of 2006 for sporting one of the world's most hideous haircuts.

Five years later, Rolling Stone details the quick rise and tragic personal fall of the teenage Internet queen, a story that played itself out in the suburbs of South Florida as much as it did in the dark corners of cyberspace. The story involves statutory rape, a tragic fall at Aventura Mall, death threats, vandalism, terrible parenting, and online stalking.

Thirteen-year-old Kirsten Ostrenga moved with her family to Coral Springs in 2005. The Ostrenga family thought the move to sunny South Florida would be good for the family, but Kirsten failed to adapt to her new surroundings. According to Rolling Stone. she never fit in with the black and Hispanic students "who dominated her classroom" at Sawgrass Springs Middle School, so she embraced her outsider status and began to experiment with hair dye, turning herself into a proto-"scene queen" and listening to pop-punk and emo bands.

By the time she turned 14, Kirsten had adopted the nickname "Kiki Kannibal" and settled on her signature hairstyle: a giant mess of black-striped blond hair that resembled a dead raccoon. Still feeling lonely, she turned to MySpace to make friends. Fascination (both earnest and ironic) with her hair led to her becoming a bona fide MySpace celebrity and frequent target of online harassment.

Her home address was posted online, and kids begin harassing her at shows. Gum was crammed into her hair, a group of guys in their 20s pestered her to pose for a photo and then punched her in the head, and someone spray-painted slut on her family's garage door. Local police repeatedly said there was little they could do.

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