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Description: Georgia Tech Professor. AI Expert. Uses Nature to Design.

He thinks the level of consumer consumption and waste are increasing, creating many sustainability challenges. He envisions a world where we can easily design products using the principles of biology.

So, he decided to use his expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science to develop tools that tap into how nature works to tackle engineering challenges.

It's called Biologically Inspired Design. Nature contains billions of designs, from the level of atoms to entire ecosystems. It's the way birds fly that inspired the Wright Brothers to design aircraft.

But using AI can speed this up and systematize it to create a new kind of search engine. So if you're searching for desalination, you could access biological designs such as mangroves and more.

But he is also taking this a step further. In addition to just access to information, he is developing technologies to provide explanations so designers can understand how to build a prototype.

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