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Description: Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble is the sixth episode of Survivor: Guatemala. Yaxhá reflects on...

Yaxhá reflects on how big of a move it was to vote out Blake at Tribal Council, while Nakúm struggles with the monstrous thirsty mosquitoes at their camp and Margaret's negative energy.

Upon arriving at the Reward Challenge, Jeff reveals that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council, the winning tribe will compete for individual immunity, and that winner will sit in on the losing teams Tribal Council. Things get a little heated between Jaime and Bobby Jon and Amy injures her ankle during the challenge which is ultimately won by Nakúm. In the following individual Immunity Challenge Judd can't get his bag of puzzle pieces open and while looking at Rafe's letters he figures out the answer, which he accidentally gives to Rafe, which leads to Rafe winning immunity.

Post challenge, Nakúm happily enjoys their BBQ fest reward while Yaxhá members try to figure who's going to be going home with even numbers on both alliances within the tribe. Judd is certain that Margaret will be the next to go but his obnoxious behavior really rubs his tribe mates the wrong way.

Judd blows up at Tribal Council and bullies the vote his way, unanimously sending Margaret home next.

At Yaxhá's Tribal Council, everyone is civil. In a twist, Rafe gets to assign individual immunity to whomever he chooses. The votes are read and Brian has enough to be eliminated. Rafe's choice (which he cast before the tribe voted) is revealed to be Gary, and thus Brian is sent packing.

Each tribe has two members on opposite sides of a giant ball. Both teams push the ball and try to get it past their own goal line. The first tribe to make three goals wins reward and a shot at Individual Immunity.

Reward: Barbecue items, including a grill, burgers, beer, and root beer, as well as the right to compete in an individual Immunity Challenge.

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