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(v.) = cause ; occasion ; precipitate ; trigger ; bring about ; give + cause to ; give + rise to ; give + occasion to ; cause to + happen .

Ex: As usage of the language causes terms to become anachronistic, or as increases in our level of awareness reveal undesirable connotations, we seek to change subject heading terms .

Ex: It was 'exceedingly inconvenient' because placing the books where they are increases the bulk of the catalogue by occasioning a multitude of long crossreferences .

Ex: What precipitated that furor was that Panizzi's volume represented a uncompromising rejection of the comfortable ideology of the finding catalog .

Ex: Nevertheless, the fact that these general lists cannot serve for every application has triggered a search for more consistent approaches .

Ex: That crucial evidence was withheld from the final report could give cause to bring charges of criminal negligence .

Ex: The method of indexing called post-coordinate indexing gives rise to physical forms of indexes which differ from the more 'traditional' catalogues mentioned above .

Ex: Many soldiers took advantage of the impoverished conditions giving occasion to assaults, rapes and murders .

Ex: By virtue of Bush's lack of leadership, he said, the president more or less caused it to happen .

Ex: As with author headings, sometimes one heading or title will be both sought and provide collocation, but on other occasions there will be a conflict between soughtness' and collocation .

Ex: Because reorganisation allows the optimization of update and searching procedures, it moves the maintenance to a time when it does not affect the operation of the system .

Ex: In some authority files (titles, ISBN/ISSN, national bibliographic record numbers), no search of the file is made because there is little chance of finding the new entry in the file .

* aprovechar la ocasión = use + the occasion ; jump at + the chance ; leap at + the chance ; jump at + the opportunity ; jump on + an opportunity ; leap at + the opportunity .

* en más de una ocasión = on more than one occasion ; in more than one instance ; in more than one occasion .

* no dejar pasar la ocasión = jump at + the chance ; leap at + the chance ; jump at + the opportunity ; jump on + an opportunity ; leap at + the opportunity .

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