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We started breeding Aussidoodles Early 2000. My love has always been with Herding breeds, and this was the next step after many years of breeding Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. I was raised with a collie and he was one of the most dedicated and loving dogs I ever had. I started raising and showing collies and enjoyed every minute of it. I raised my children always including collie, Australian Shepherds or corgis as our family pets. After many years breeding, training Aussies, I did so want to have them back in my life again. They are such a versatile dog we decided to start breeding Aussiedoodles. They have fast become one of my top picks in the Doodle breeds, and very happy I made that decision.

Currently I have Numerous Aussiedoodles as Service, Therapy Dogs, and I am proud of each and everyone of them! In fact, after over 16yrs breeding Doodles. I have more Aussiedoodles in the Service and therapy field then Goldendoodles or Labradoodles. They are proving to be a blessing to so many people, and I could not be happier with what my babies are accomplishing.

Loyal and obedient, Australian Shepherds will follow their pack leader (that's you!) to the end of the earth. They are highly skilled at herding and agility games. Unlike the Border Collie, the Australian Shepard has an "Off Switch". Which means that they are just as happy to lay at your feet, as they are to play ball or any other "job" you choose for them.

Originally bred as a water dog, the Poodle is agile and obedient. They enjoy hunting, tracking, and herding games. Poodles are high energy and can become bored easily, they are great at finding mischief! Not afraid of the limelight, and born with a keen intelligence and astounding agility, Poodles were highly suited to perform amazing Circus tricks.

Put these two great breeds together and what do you have? A truly fantastic doodle breed, the Aussiedoodle! However, basic training is essential because Aussiedoodles are extremely intelligent so if you don't train them, they will train themselves for a job of their choosing-not yours.

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