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Description: Over The Counter Diuretics Natural Herbal Diuretics Over the counter diuretics for water retention are often used as apposed to synthetic diuretics because they can provide the same benefits without the negative side effects of the prescription diuretics. Three well

Over the counter diuretics for water retention are often used as apposed to synthetic diuretics because they can provide the same benefits without the negative side effects of the prescription diuretics. Three well known over the counter diuretics for water retention are Parsley, Dandelion and Buchu herbs and extracts. These natural herbs have been shown to provide substantial relief from high blood pressure and water retention.

While natural diuretics are far healthier than prescription diuretics, over the counter diuretic alternatives should be used moderately because they are highly effective and precaution should be taken if used in combination with allopathic diuretics. Using herbal over the counter diuretics can help support routine water balance in body cells and organs of the body plus support healthy energy levels.

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Diuretics ( water pills) are a category of drugs and herbs that remove unwanted fluid from the body by increasing urination. Diuretics are used to reduce water retention due to congestive heart failure and cirrossis and is effective in treating high blood pressure.

Fluid retention problems occurs most often in the legs, ankles and lungs. Some herbs and supplements have diuretic properties that can assist in removing fluids in the treatment of backache, prostatis, sciatica, kidney stones, gonorrhea, premenstrural syndrome and obesity.

Diuretics tend to act quickly, so anyone who takes them should make sure he – she takes diuretics first thing in the morning, no later than lunch time if at all possible, to avoid getting up through the night to go to the bathroom. Drink plenty of water to keep the fluids flowing and replenish fluids lost through urination.

When taking natural herbal diuretics for retaining water you need to incorporate potassium rich foods into your diet! To know more about potassium deficiency …Click Here !

Meadow Sweet: Meadowsweet / Filipendula ulmaria/ Bridewort / Dropwort – Queen of the Meadow can be used to make a diuretic tea to treat urinary problems and fluid retention. Also called Gravel root – meadowsweet tea is used for dropsy (fluid retention).

Buchu: Buchu / Agathosma betulina / Barosma betulina / Bookoo / Bucka / Diosma Betulina / Oval Buchu / Round Ruchu / Short Buchu – Buchu, also known as the “urinary herb”, is a natural diuretic.

Corn Silk: Corn / Maize / Cornsilk / Zea mays / Mother’s hair / Indian corn / Maize jagnog / Turkish corn / Yu mi xu / Stigmata maydis – Corn Silk works as a mild diuretic.

Parsley Herb: Petroselinum crispum – Parsley is a strong diuretic that is effective in treating water retention.

Dandelion: Dandelion / Taraxacum officinale / Dandelion Leaf – Dandelion Root is a mild diuretic that also reduces serum cholesterol levels.

Uva Ursi: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi / Bearberry / Kinnikinnick / Mountain Cranberry – Uva Ursi works well when taken in combination with other herbs such as Buchu, Cleavers, Dandelion, Juniper, and Parsley.

Cleavers: Galium aparine / Clivers / Catchweed / Goose Grass / Velcro Plant – Cleavers acts as a diuretic and as such the herb promotes in increased urine flow and helps to rid the kidneys and bladder of gravel and stones, helps clear the urinary tract of various infections, alleviates prostate disorders and treats other acute and inflammatory urinary diseases.

Taking over the counter diuretics can be habit forming so you need to be careful and use them in a sensible fashion. A lot of middle aged people have problems with water retention in the heat and humidity of the summer months, your fingers seem to puff up with fluid and your rings get tight, this is where the natural herbal diuretics will help.

Take over the counter diuretics for water retention anywhere from two to five days in a row, drink plenty of water (the more water you drink the less water your body retains). Other people wake up with the dreaded over night fluid retention, and use them a mild diuretic in the mornings such as dandelion root supplements. Stay away from high sodium foods that cause water retention such as pickles, olives, sausage, hot dogs, bacon and ham, pre packaged foods are very high in sodium.

What is the best over the counter natural herbal diuretic? When searching online or in health food stores for OTC diuretics, check for products that lists all the ingredients and their potency amounts. Low potency usually means that the product will provide you with no results. Reliable companies will scientifically identify the products compounds and verify that the correct herb is being packaged. Check the concentration of active ingredients when looking for over the counter diuretics natural ingredients.

Over the counter natural diuretics can be purchased in the form of tablet, capsule, tincture and extract. The most convenient way to take these over the counter diuretics is in tablets and capsules. Tinctures are a water and alcohol mixture which could mean more water and alcohol than herbal material. Solid extracts are usually 40 times as potent as a tincture if produced from herbs of the same quality.

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  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). a tonic for the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands and will help to support normal adrenal functioning.
  • Burdock (Arctium lappa). A cleansing and eliminating herb and is excellent at detoxifying the tissues and supporting waste removal from the body.
  • Huang Qi (Astragalus membranaceous). The positive effect of Astragalus on immune functioning and its role in supporting the functions of the immune system.
  • Arsenicum. Provides maintenance of digestive health and balanced body fluid – thereby supporting normal urination and thirst levels within healthy ranges.
  • Mercurius. Is recommended to soothe common nervous tension and to maintain normal thirst functions.
  • Sulphur. Sulphur helps to support a healthy skin condition and act as a digestive tonic.

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