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Description: Reasons for joining the World Pantheist Movement

Membership in the World Pantheist Movement both helps us in our mission and offers benefits to members. As a member, you gain full access to the Pantheist community, where they can learn, communicate, and (if you wish) meet with other people like yourself. At the same time, your contribution helps promote Naturalistic Pantheism, increasing awareness of an ethically modern, environmental alternative to supernatural religions.

To maintain and expand our activities, and to inform the public about pantheism, we rely entirely on contributions from sympathetic supporters.

  • payment of Web hosting, forum, and bank fees;
  • writing and editing materials for online publication;
  • online advertising with both popular services and environmental websites

Paul Harrison's basic introduction to Pantheism, Elements of Pantheism, is available free through a link inside the Members' Center.

Exclusive right to suggest new groups at Ning, to moderate groups if qualified, and join the groups that can discuss WPM services and WPM development.

You can request certification as a WPM celebrant, to conduct weddings for friends and relatives.

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