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5. Press the strainer into the drain hole in the tub. Place a rubber gasket over the strainer on the backside of the tub.

6. Thread the strainer into the drainpipe and tighten with pliers. Remove the excess putty that squeezes out from under the strainer.

7. Install the trip lever from inside the tub. Fasten the overflow plate to the tub with two screws.

9. Predrill 3/16-inch-diameter screw holes through the tub's flange, then fasten the tub to the wall studs with 1 ¼ -inch-long decking screws.

10. Use a drill and hole saw to cut holes through the fiberglass tub surround for the shower valve and tub spout.

11. Stand the fiberglass surround on top of the tub. Slip 2-inch-wide wood blocks under the surround to temporarily raise it above the tub.

14. Predrill 3/16-inch-diameter screw holes through the surround's flange, then fasten the surround to the studs with 1 ¼ -inch-long decking screws.

15. Solder together a threaded copper piece to connect the tub spout to the threaded water-supply fitting inside the wall.

17. Fill the spaces above the tub surround with moisture-resistant drywall. Fasten the drywall strips to the studs with 1 ¼ -inch-long decking screws.

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