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FARIBAULT -- Rice County Emergency Services Coordinator Carl Dietrich "Rick" Rabeneck faces felony charges stemming from a domestic incident Sunday, charges which may affect his job with the Rice County Sheriff's Department.

Rabeneck, 60, 9322 Dodd Road, Faribault, was charged with one count of false imprisonment-intentional restraint, a charge carrying with it a maximum penalty of not less than three years, a fine of $5,000 or both. He also faces a charge of harassment with a dangerous weapon carrying with it a maximum penalty of not less than three years, a fine of $10,000 or both.

Rabeneck's wife, Beth Rabeneck, called the Faribault Police Sunday morning, according to a complaint filed in Rice County District Court.

Beth Rabeneck said she was at the First English Lutheran Church preparing to play for the service, according to the complaint. At about 10:45 a.m. Sunday Rick Rabeneck arrived at the church and asked her to come to his vehicle and talk.

According to the complaint, once Beth Rabeneck was inside the truck she noticed divorce papers which she had not yet served to him. She said Rick Rabeneck opened the center console and removed a handgun, making a comment about shooting himself and a comment about doing something to her.

According to her statement, Rick Rabeneck drove through town, failing to stop at stop signs. Beth Rabeneck turned on a police radio inside the vehicle and was going to call for help but Rick Rabeneck turned the radio off, according to her statement, and unplugged the radio's microphone.

When the truck neared the city limits, Beth Rabeneck removed the handgun from the vehicle's console and threw it out the window near the 1600 block of Ninth Avenue SW. When Rick Rabeneck stopped the vehilce to retrieve the gun Beth Rabeneck was able to exit the truck and ran to the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church, the complaint states.

According to the complaint Faribault Polce Department Cpl. Dan Silkey was asked to make contact with Rabeneck and they met at the Faribault Fire Department. Rabeneck turned over a weapon to Silkey, a 10mm handgun, with 14 rounds of ammunition.

According to the complaint, Rabeneck told police he was not going to let his wife out of the truck until they talked.

Faribault Police Department Captain Dan Collins said Rabeneck was not then arrested, but sought medical attention.

Rice County Sheriff Richard Cook said Rabeneck's employment status is undetermined at this time. A hearing is scheduled for this morning with Rice County Administration and the Rice County Sheriff's Office to determine the next course of action.

"He's a long-term employee and he's a Vietnam vet and we're going to treat everyone fairly, any alleged victims will be treated fairly and judiciously as well," Cook said.

Cook said he will wait until the facts are gathered so he can make an informed decision on how the department will proceed.

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