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Description: Sarah always saw changes as welcomed opportunities that she would welcome. After going through several major corporate mergers and a restructurings Sarah identified a key distinction that helped

Sarah always saw changes as welcomed opportunities that she would welcome. After going through several major corporate mergers and a restructurings Sarah identified a key distinction that helped shape her outlook and her work: Sarah realized that change is easy. It is succeeding and thriving in the new job, corporate structure, or project that can be challenging. Yet most organizations focus on the physical changes such as a new office, a new job title, a different job description, a new reporting line in the hierarchy, or even a new organizational chart. Sarah discovered, through her own journey and working with successful leaders, that moving forward into an undesired new setting, or an undefined setting, can cause many to question themselves, their paths and their future.

After experiencing several professional and personal changes, some by choice and some imposed, Sarah noticed a trend. While the organizations didn’t provide her the support she needed to transition into new roles or organizations, she was able to navigate them successfully on her own and found herself helping others do the same.

Through these experiences, Sarah discovered a new life and she also found her true calling: helping others transition and thrive on their terms so they can achieve their dreams and goals.

Leveraging her extensive corporate experience with her passion for people and life, Sarah works with leaders to successfully navigate corporate transitions so that their teams are re-energized, re-engaged. and performinging in alignment with to the corporate goals. With her signature system, Sarah helps executives to thrive in their existing or new leadership roles, either in the organization or outside.

Sarah’s positive energy is contagious. Her exceptional communication in four languages and leadership skills, along with her extensive experience managing personal and professional transitions in the corporate setting make her uniquely equipped to successfully coach others individually and/or in team transitions. Sarah believes that each situation is unique and the transition process should reflect that. Sarah will walk you through the changes so the transition is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Sarah was born and raised in France. Her passion for people, languages, culture, communication, connection and life served as the foundation for a successful career in an international corporate environment for over 20 years.

At the age of 22 years old, with an International Business Degree in her pocket, Sarah moved to the US to improve her English. A couple of years later, after graduating with a Bachelor Degree in International Business with honors, Sarah moved to Argentina and started her professional career as an International Banker. Along with her banking career, she developed a networking business that she led for several years inspiring people to reach their fullest potential. Before the age of 30 years old, Sarah was giving leadership trainings and seminars in Argentina for her networking business. When her personal life led her back to the United States, she pursued another successful banking career in New York. and then in Miami. She served in as the Director of Alternative Investments for over five years in an international bank and won several awards. Sarah’s positive outlook and zest for life contributed to her successes professionally and personally, especially when she transitioned her department overseas when the financial institution she worked for was merged with another entity.

Work-life balance and wellness is important to Sarah. She is happily married with Luiz Carlos and has three children. As part of her balanced lifestyle and wellness goals she enjoys Zumba and Aqua fitness regularly.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Sciences in International Business from Florida Atlantic University. She has over 18 years of work experience in international corporate environments and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Sarah is certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and as an Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner (ELI MP).

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