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Description: Learn to play fast, uptempo gospel shouting music on the piano, praise songs, congregational songs on the piano, church songs, and more... black gospel style

From: Minister Jermaine Griggs Monday, 7:15 a.m. Listen to a Personal Message from Jermaine Griggs.

If you've always imagined yourself playing fast, uptempo "shouting" music at church --- or being able to play in a band during high praise moments of a service.

. Then this may be one of the most important letters you'll ever read concerning this style of playing.

In fact, this is one of the very few resources available on "shouting music," as you just don't hear of this concept being taught at the local performing arts academy or university.

When's the last time you've heard of someone receiving a certification or degree in "spirit-filled, uptempo, shouting music?" You probably haven't.

. Why are there so many churches on every corner but very few resources to equip gospel musicians with the information and techniques necessary to effectively lead their church services?

One of the answers is that gospel music is so specialized and unique that the average classical or jazz teacher either cannot play the style very well (. and thus can't really teach it) OR doesn't care to teach the style because there are enough customers that want to sight read or play classical music.

>>> How to skillfully play the piano, organ, or keyboard during "high praise" moments of the service. These are times when the saints of God are dancing and shouting for Jesus!

>>> How to keep the "shouting period" strong and progressive with a number of left and right-hand chordal movements and techniques.

>>> How to build up shouting music from scratch. From experience, most musicians find it hard to naturally start the "shout" without being too obtrusive. It should be a natural build-up and certainly in alignment with what's occurring in the congregation (. not just for the fun of it).

>>> What exactly to play on your left-hand and how to compliment it with right-hand tricks. Since shouting music is redundant (. usually the same pattern repeated over and over), it helps to have a variety of tricks and chordal movements to pull out of your toolbox!

>>> The three steps to shouting music and how each part will drastically change the way you look at fast and uptempo shouting styles!

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