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Description: İstanbul Üniversitesi | Tarihten Geleceğe Bilim Köprüsü - 1453

Thomas Swierts from Holland Naturalis Biodiversity Center gave a seminar on Population Genetics of The Giant Barrel Sponge in our faculty.


As a part of the outreach program of CoCoNet Project, which our faculty is one of the partners, a 30-min documentary film has been produced. It features Marine Protected Areas, ecosystem functioning, and offshore wind farms, with beautiful and colorful footages of both the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Practical Courses of Fishing Methods and Oceanology were performed in our Research Vessel RV-Yunus/S

Education activity of “I Know My Sea, I Protect My Sea” project was held in our Faculty in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Sciences - Middle

The executive secretary of the GFCM (General Fisheries Commission of the Mediterranean) Mr Abdellah SROUR and legal and institutional officer Nicola FERRI conducted seminars at the Istanbul University Fisheries Faculty

Gamete Biology Workshop on Aquaculture was held at Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries Sapanca Production Research and Application Unit.

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