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Description: Total storage kapacity of aggregates in one inline agregate 4x1040m3  compartment

Total storage kapacity of aggregates in one inline agregate 4x1040m3  compartment bin                                     

Dosing precision according to DIN 459/1 in automaticoperation with batch size from 50% to 100%                                    

Theoretically mixing performance according DIN 459/1 with 1 Ring-Pan Mixer,Type MBV 0,75/0,50          45     m3/h 

The mixing time of 30 sec. in based on the minimum mixing time for ring-pan mixers according to DIN 1045. Other mixingtimes may arise depending on requirement.An agitator normally allows mixing times to be shortened,various mixes can only be prepared if one is used.( specialy reqest )

Measures for other material are only included when there is specific mention.Maximum weigher load   2000 Kg            

 Maximum cement weigher load   400 Kg                   

Required water pressure with supply valve open   4 – 6 bar                     

Normal size of water supply pipe inside plan             50 mm     

Maximum vertical clearance (headroom ) whencharging concrete to truck mixers   3,9 m        

This concrete plant is making according to modern plan concept; simple, robust construction, has few movable parts, operates reliably, safely and economically throughout a long service life.

It can be use at both smaller ready – mixed concrete and concrete ware plants. Customized versions are available due to the aggregate storage modular system. Depending on the space available at the operation site and aggregate requirements, the machine can be equipped whit a dragline loader, a rectangular inline silo or a storage hopper. It is equipped whit state-of-the out microprocessor control.

When designing the plane, factors such as the transport dimension of the device units ware taken into considerations. It can be erect very quickly and requires little foundation works. To sum up, this is mixing plants can successfully accomplish any task considering high-quality concrete production all over the world.

The complete control system contains all central controls functions. All the mixed plant's work processes are automatically controlled. This read one-background lit-LCD display or PC monitors. A database is integrates for mix formulas, customers, orders, and vehicles.

All type of concrete plants his been designed with ample space. The mixing platforms can be reached safely via vide stairs. All components are easily accessible for maintenance and service                        

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