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Description: Visionaries was the name ascribed to the native populace of the planet Vision in the Mira star...

Visionaries was the name ascribed to the native populace of the planet Vision in the Mira star system in the parallel reality known as Earth-AD. 90% of the inhabitants of Vision were scientists. Visionaries were futurists dedicated towards monitoring and preserving civilization throughout the galaxy. Though the scientists of Vision preferred to conduct their trade through indirect means, they have been known to take an active role in a planet's development from time to time. Visionaries perfected the craft of psycho-history, a field of science that enabled them to map the future of a particular culture. One of Vision's most renowned psycho-historians, Prof. Z, was able to chart the destiny of a single individual with 98% accuracy.

Prof. Z conducted a study of the planet Earth and determined that the world would ultimately succumb to its own self destruction. He predicted the rise of seven powerful corporate entities who would engage in a brutal civil war that would eventually lead to the intellectual decline of all humanity. He referred to this calamity as the "Great Disaster ," and forecast the rise of a race of evolved animal beings with near-human intelligence.

Desperate to prevent such a future from coming to pass, Prof. Z pleaded with Vision's Council of Science to intervene on Earth's behalf. The Council supported Z's research and decided to form an organization known as the Global Peace Agency. Disguised as humans, the members of the Global Peace Agency operated on Earth and became a benevolent, though powerful, law enforcement cartel. They helped Earth's scientific community, particularly Doctor Myron Forest. to develop the Brother Eye satellite system, and they also initiated the OMAC Project which transformed meek stockroom clerk Buddy Blank into a one-man army corps.

By and large, the people of Earth did not know that the members of the Global Peace Agency were beings from another world. OMAC eventually learned the truth at a point when the first of Prof. Z's predictions began to manifest. Unfortunately for the rest of the planet, all of Prof. Z's forecasts proved accurate and the planet Earth erupted in a war that would eventually lead to its own downfall.

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