Wild first timer

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Description: Wife starts to let loose.

It was one of those events that you dream about but never, ever, in your wildest dreams, expect to happen. In fact, I would have Guaranteed you that I would never happen. But it did.

My wife and I have been married for 28 years. She is an attractive woman, by any standards. She is 5'7" tall and weighs 125 pounds. She has always been slender but started exercising a few years ago to tone up her muscles. The result has been a tighter ass and really fine, shapely legs. While not large breasted, (36b) she has a nice, firm pair of breasts with nipples that are erect most of the time and poke out better than 3/4 inch.

However, the first 20 years were rather frustrating, sexually. We had sex, but my wife, Pam, never had an orgasm. The problem was twofold. First, she was raised in a very rigid and frigid household. Her mother drummed into her from puberty on that Sex was bad and only used for "procreation".

The second half of the problem was that she was born with a cervix that curved backward from normal. Consequently, she did not get any clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The result was that our sex life consisted of pretty basic sex, no lights on, and only to "relieve" me.

Then I figured it out. About 8 years ago, completely by accident, I found the secret to stimulating my wife to orgasm.

It was late into the night. I had woken from my sleep and lay in bed wishing I could be back to sleep. I was a bit horny, which wasn't helping the getting back to sleep wish, and started to softly caress Pam's thigh. As soon as I did, she stirred. She was awake and I didn't even know it before that moment.

Rather than stop, I continued to softly rub her leg, pretending that I was asleep. I expected her to brush my hand away and roll over to go back to sleep, but she did not. Instead, she lay there quietly and let me continue to rub her leg.

Curious as to how far she would let me go, not expecting to go much farther than I already had, I cautiously moved my hand to her panty covered mound. I continued to lightly rub her through her underwear for about 5 minutes when Pam made a sudden move and sat partially up in the bed. I figured the game was over and that she was putting a stop to the action when, instead, she hooked her fingers around her underwear and pulled them to her knees. The whole time I continued to fain sleep, not letting in that I too was awake.

As she lay back down on the bed, I became a bit more aggressive with my rubbing. Not hard or hurried, but with a bit more pressure. Soon she was starting to move her hips to the movement of my hand. This was the first time in 20 years that she had ever shown signs of sexual arousal.

I was going out of my mind with excitement, while at the same time trying not to change my movements to alert her to the fact that I was really awake. I did not want to spoil her moment.

I kept up the rhythmic motion with my hand for another 30 minutes or more before Pam's movements became more deliberate and her breathing changed to a more pronounced activity.

She was nearing her first orgasm and the whole time she thought I was still asleep, which I later I found out, helped her mask the feelings of guilt caused by allowing herself to "get carried away".

Pam came with a powerful orgasm that had her shacking for nearly 3 minutes while I continued to steadily massage her clit. Then, as if she realized that she had just Sinned, she reached down, pulled up her underwear and rolled over.

The next morning I did not mention the night time activity and she did not comment on it either. She was pretending that it never happened. So, that I did not ruin the first progress I had ever achieved at loosening her up sexually, I too remained mum to what had happened.

Over the next few weeks I continued to "Pretend to be Asleep" in the early hours of the morning, achieving the same results. Finally I was able to keep her relaxed enough to where I was able to get her to share about what happened during the night. This opened the door to our trying to bring her to orgasm with me "Awake". It took a few times before she was able to get over the feelings of guilt and was able to have an orgasm, but when she did, the result was amazing. She came and came and came.

I had hit pay dirt. I was able to bring her to not just one orgasm, but multiple orgasms. 10, then 20, then 50. (Our record is 251 orgasms in one evening. I believe she could have experienced more but she was so totally spent that she begged me to stop the pleasure. )

Through time, I found that I could increase the intensity and number of orgasms Pam experienced by adding other stimuli, such as sucking on her nipples, inserting a finger in her ass and even having her suck on my cock as I brought her to an orgasm. Our sex life had gone from nearly non-existent to 200 miles per hour all because of a little late night insomnia.

During the past 5 years, we have started a new game we play once in a while. My wife is extremely modest, but a couple of times per year I can get her to dress in a really short skirt and heels for an evening of dinner and dancing. Then, if I can get her drunk enough (She does not like to have more than a couple of drinks as she does not like to lose control, especially in public) she will remove her clothes for the ride home, providing it is dark out and I guarantee her that I will not put her in a position to be seen by other drivers. I then play with her pussy for the ride home, bringing her to many orgasms along the way.

I share all of this to help you understand what makes what has recently happened so incredible. Here is the rest of the story.

I work for a large retail chain and was recently sent out of town to help with a new store opening. Besides myself, another guy, Joe, from our store and 10 others from some of the other stores in our Region were sent to help with the Grand opening. We were all there for 4 days to help the new employees through the inevitable bumps in the road that come with a grand opening.

On our last night, 8 of us from the other stores (3 gals; Jen, Tina and Cathy and 5 guys; Joe, Jason, Brian, Dave and myself) decided to go out to dinner and to a club to unwind after some really long days. We were all feeling good about the week and enjoyed getting to know each other better.

Our first stop was to a Pub for some drinks and a light dinner. We got loose on the alcohol and discussed what the plan would be. Jokingly I made the comment that Joe and I thought we should go to a strip club after the dancing. The comment got a couple of chuckles and Brian said there was a strip club just up the street a couple blocks we could try out.

That is when Jen said something to Tina about her and her boyfriend going to a club one time and how the girls get all of the attention in a strip club. Tina turned red and laughed saying maybe we should try that after all. The next thing I knew was that the plans were all changed. Instead of going to a dance club, we were going to a strip club.

Once at the club, the fun really began. I had only been to a strip club one other time in my life, so this was a whole new experience for me. As we all pulled a chair up to the center stage, Joe ordered the first round of drinks and told me to get some $1's as I would need them tonight. Cathy, the youngest one in the group, was wide eyed and obviously embarrassed and the whole situation, but soon started to relax as she downed her second drink.

Jen started the fun by tucking a $1 in her shirt, and having the stripper take the bill out with her teeth. Cathy, seeing the action, did the same thing.

This act repeated itself for a few songs, then everything changed. The dancer on stage had been watching the two girls get more and more into the whole "Stripper attention" thing and decided to push the envelope a bit. As she, the dancer, came over to Jen, she helped Jen stand up, then proceeded to pull Jen's shirt over her head, leaving her standing in just her bra. The crowd erupted with applause. Jen turned beet red.

The dancer then turned her attention to Cathy and did the same thing. Cathy was stunned, standing next to her co-workers in just her bra. But, she was hooked and raised her hand as if just winning a race. Again, the crowd erupted with applause.

The next several dancers were less daring so the attention to the girls was less bold, though still quite erotic. Though no other customers had been exposed, the dancers were becoming more and more emboldened to touch the female patrons.

One dancer even had a female customer lean backwards against the stage as the dancer reached over her body to retrieve a $1 bill tucked in the girls pants. During this display, the stripper set her bare pussy right across the face of the girl. The two meet, lip to lips. Again the crowd erupted.

Before we knew it, there were as many women around the stage as men (I always thought strip clubs were for old men. Boy was I wrong) and the women were becoming more willing to participate with the strippers requests.

The Topper to the evening came when our Favorite stripper came back on stage and proceeded to put on the best show of the night. She started with a woman partway around the stage from us. As she did with Jen and Cathy, the dancer removed this ladies top then reached down to give her a hug.

But rather than leaving it with that, the dance reached around and unbuckled the woman's bra as well. The woman gasped and her Husband got a great big smile on his face. In shock the woman just stood there as the dancer moved over to Jen.

She stood Jen up, reached down and pulled her shirt over her head again. As with the first woman, the stripper then reached around and undid Jen's bra, removed it from her shoulders, then twirling it over her head to the cheers of the other customers. Jen was also left in shock, standing half nude in front of her co-workers.

Cathy was next, and when her bra came off, it was as if she had received the greatest prize she could have hoped for. She jumped up and down and gave Jen a great big hug and stood for the crowd as they clapped and howled.

This type of fun continued on for another hour before we all decided it was time to call it a night as we had to get up early the next morning to report back to the store. We all had wives or husbands so we returned to our own hotel rooms, hot and bothered, but with some pretty amazing memories.

Though my wife, Pam is really conservative, we have a great marriage so I felt comfortable in telling her the story of the strip club. She knows me really well and while she may not know all of my deviant thoughts, she does know that I don't go to strip clubs, so she got a kick out of the story of the girls going a bit over board at the club. That night we had one of the most passionate love making sessions we have ever experienced.

A few days later Pam asked me when my next weekend off would be. I told her and she said that she had been losing some weight and thought she could fit into one of the short skirts, if I wanted to take her to dinner and dancing. I asked if this meant the car ride home also and she said "Maybe" in a way that I knew meant yes.

She then surprised me by suggesting that we spend the weekend in the town where the Store opening was, about 100 miles from our home. Curious, I agreed that would be fun.

The next 2 weeks went as normal and soon my weekend off was just a couple days away. Pam told me she had made a reservation at a motel and had some other plans which she was not going to share with me, but said that I could plan the rest of the evening. We agreed on dinner at a restaurant that we had been to in the past and dancing at a night club I had wanted to visit for some time.

The 2 hour ride to the town was pleasant but not exciting in any way. We discussed our week, the shopping she wanted to do the next day and life in general. Soon we were checked into the motel and getting ready for the evening.

Pam took a long shower and spent better than 45 minutes in the bathroom getting ready for the night. (I know, a short period of time compared to some women, but for her it was unusual) When she walked out of the bathroom, I nearly fell over.

She had dressed in a pleated miniskirt that extended down her thighs barely 3 inches below her crotch. She had no stockings on and was wearing a pair of 3 inch heels that made her gorgeous legs look even longer and shapelier than normal. Her top was a Chico's tank top that clung to her body in such a way that her breasts appeared larger than her 36 B. To top it all off, she did a little spin to show that she was also wearing a tiny white thong. She was looking Hot and I was starting to get bothered.

I caught up to her at the elevator and when the door opened with no one inside, I immediately pulled her into the compartment, gave her a big hug and kissed her hard. One hand went to her bare ass while the other reached up and found her breast. I was in heaven.

"Whoa, slow down cowboy" she said as she giggled and pushed me away. "We have a long evening ahead. Pace yourself"

Dinner was at a nice Italian restaurant. I couldn't begin to tell you what we had or if it was even any good. My mind was on the incredible woman across the table from me. I do remember that we each had a glass of wine, then we split a bottle of wine after that. My wife's 2 drink limit had already been exceeded.

As we entered the dance club, I looked around the room and started to devise a plan to see if I could get my, normally conservative, wife to remove another barrier. We found a table and ordered a couple of drinks.

A couple songs into our stay and Pam had already consumed most of her Long Island Ice Tea. This was really unusual for her but I figured I would try to keep the booze flowing, but not so much that it was going to make her pass out and leave me really frustrated later in the evening. I asked her to Dance to judge just how tipsy she was getting.

We got onto the dance floor and she seemed to be handling things just fine. The effects of the liquor had started to take effect, however, as she was squeezing my ass while we were dancing and allowing me to rest my hand on hers.

Upon returning to our table, I noticed a couple of young guys standing at the bar. They looked to be in their early 20's and didn't seem to have dates.

Pam excused herself to go to the ladies room and when she did, I made a line to the bar to talk to the guys.

I entered into some small talk with the guys, finding out that their names were Dave and Jerry. They were students at the University and were just hanging out.

"I'll make you a wager. In a minute my wife is going to come back into the room. She is pretty conservative so I doubt you can pull it off, but if you can get her to dance with you I will give you 10 bucks. Goes for you too Dave. Key is, she can't know about the wager or the deals off." I explained.

"Yeah right man" Jerry laughed. "What is she a Dog or something? No offense, man" he stammered, realizing he had just insulted my wife without thinking.

I chuckled to let him know that no offense was taken. "You judge for yourself when she comes back into the room. If you think she is a Dog, then back out. If you think she is worth the effort, then go for it" I replied.

Just then Pam walked back into the room. Both boys eyes got big. "I'm in" said Dave. "Me too" echoed Jerry.

I pulled Pam's chair out for her as she sat at the table. "This is Dave and Jerry. Guy's this is my wife, Pam. Dave and Jerry asked if they could sit at our table until another opened up for them. I told them it would be alright."

I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable with this as she is generally a pretty reserved person and prefers to be alone, even in a crowded room. "That is fine" she said, looking at me with a questioning look.

I ordered more drinks and Dave and Jerry talked with Pam trying to break the ice to dance. As the conversation started up, I took Pam by the hand and lead her to the dance floor, leaving the guys at the table.

"Only in your eyes. I am an old woman" she replied. Pam never has thought of herself as sexy or gorgeous. She has started to acknowledge that she looks "OK"

"Right" she exclaimed. "I really doubt that. Look around. Everyone in here is at least 15 years younger than us"

"Probably closer to 20 years babe, but I still bet that you get hit on. The main thing is to just know that it will probably happen so don't get offended or make a deal out of it. You look hot and I would be shocked if other guys don't think so too."

"But I am with you. You don't really think some guy would be so bold as to try something with my husband at my side do you?"

"Sure they will. As you said, most of the guys in here are college age. They have over charged sex drives and most don't have even a girlfriend. At the end of the evening they will end up going home and masturbating to the thoughts of the women they watched, or maybe touched, throughout the night."

"Look, the guys that score don't have to, but most of these guys are going to go home frustrated and their only source of release will be at their own hands. Look at Jerry and Dave. there are a couple of prime candidates for some frustrated personal satisfaction tonight. Especially now that you have entered their life"

"Don't be silly. They won't find me attractive. Look at the girls in this place. They have to be better memory material" Pam rebutted.

The song ended and we made our way back to the table to the waiting Jerry and Dave. As soon as the next song started Dave asked Pam to dance. I was a bit surprised when she accepted right away. I had hoped that the seeds I had planted would have made her a bit more receptive to the idea, but I did not think it would happen so quickly.

As Dave and Pam entered the dance floor I told Jerry "Looks like Dave earned the 10 spot first" Jerry just nodded.

"I am surprised that she took him up on the dance. This is the first time she has ever danced with anyone but me. How bout I up the wage a bit? If you can get her to let you put your hand on her ass for at least 5 seconds, without getting slapped, I will give you an additional $10"

The song was soon over and I had ordered another round of drinks. We sat the next couple songs out as Pam sipped her drink and Jerry engaged her in conversation. I casually slipped a $10 in Dave's hand when Pam was not looking. Dave grinned and mouthed a "Thanks".

Another song came up and Jerry leaned over to Pam and said "This is my favorite song. Would you dance with me?" Without waiting for an answer, Jerry took Pam's hand and pulled her up.

The effects of the alcohol were starting to show as Pam fell forward, catching herself on Jerry's Shoulder. Jerry put his arms out to catcher also, placing his hands on her sides, just below her breasts. They both giggled then headed for the dance floor.

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