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Description: XRB SR Lama mini-review by total novice pilot... Coaxial Helicopters

YoooHooo! My XRB SR Lama arrived last night. I carefully unpacked the very well made and well packed box, began charging the battery and assembling the XRB (landing gear struts, training gear etc.) I dabbed a touch of Krazy Glue on the bottom of the rear struts to hold them in place as they seemed a bit loose to me. I also removed both sets of blades and balanced them on the included balancer (I've never balanced a blade before or even seen anyone else balance them so I had to take it slow to understand the procedure). I don't think I got the first set properly balanced although they were probably reasonably close.

I set the heli on my kitchen floor (after the kids were in bed) and proceeded to apply small amounts of power with the training gear attached. If I had this to do over, I think I would probably want to conduct this test without the training gear because the rubber grommets holding the training gear on somewhat defeated my rudder spin test I think, but I was too inexperienced to realize it at the time.

off the floor, I thought the whole thing was way out of whack so I began making what I thought were modest adjustments to the Tx trims. Now I know that this heli was (and still is) almost perfectly

After a few lift offs of a few inches on the kitchen floor I though I could fly the thing if I had more room so I re-located to our family room. I lifted off a couple of times a foot or two off the carpet before I crashed and broke a blade.

I replaced the broken blade and lifted off again but accidentally gave a bit too much throttle and sent the heli sailing across the room over the coffee table, over the sofa and perilously close to a sliding glass door so, instinctively, I chopped the throttle and the thing dropped like a rock missing the coffee table by perhaps two inches and shearing off every single blade on it.

I was mortified! Upon inspection however, the heli appeared to be completely undamaged. Finally I made a good decision and decided to go to be and sleep on my utter ineptness as a heli pilot.

This morning I recharged the battery while replacing the four main blades and decided to re-locate again, this time to our two car garage. I moved both vehicles outside and placed the heli in the center of the floor.

First I practiced lifting off a couple of feet and then landing again without chopping the throttle. This seemingly simple maneuver was complicated by my radical Tx trim adjustments of the previous night and the heli repeated tried to escape the garage and careen into either my Blazer or my Dakota. Finally in frustration I decided to reset the Tx trims to center position and start over trying to set the Tx trims while practicing landing from a couple of feet up. To my surprise, the heli popped up into a near perfect hover with the Tx trims centered. It had been pilot error all along, not a problem with the XRB SR.

There was (and still is) a slight tendency to rudder left that I was able to adjust for with a very slight adjustment of the Tx rudder trim. Before coming in to write this, I successfully hovered within a six or seven foot wide rough circle for several minutes. I was so exhilirated I felt compelled to write this review!

At this point I am utterly convinced that Hirobo has developed a helicopter that even an absolutely green, inexperienced novice can fly with a little practice and a two car garage to practice in.

I'm still getting confused by anything other than a tail in hover so I land immediately if I get confused and momentarily can't get the tail back in towards me again, but that was happening less and less until it didn't happen at all my last flight which, as I said, was about three or maybe even three and a half minutes long.

The trick seems to be to learn how to use both sticks in coordinated control of the heli and this is something that I can clearly see is going to take some continuing practice.

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